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Beef Meals

When it comes to Beef we don't horse around: only the best prime cuts from UK and Irish farms will do.

At the back door to the COOK Kitchen stands Ken "The Gatekeeper". A trained chef, who once cooked a buffet for the Queen, it's his job to make sure every delivery of beef is exactly as it should be. 

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Lasagne Al Forno

A slow-cooked ragu of beef and pork layered between sheets of free range egg pasta, with bachamel sauce and a West Country cheddar topping. Details >

Top 10 Bestseller
£3.99 Serves 1 (370g)
£6.99 Serves 2 (750g)
£13.95 Serves 4 (1500g)

Slow-cooked Beef Tagine

Tender, slow-cooked British beef with a blend of spices, sweetened with honey and dates, garnished with chickpeas and toasted, flaked almonds. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free
£4.99 Serves 1 (325g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (650g)
£17.95 Serves 4 (1300g)

Beef Bourguignon

Rich, smoky, beef bourguignon with top rump steak, caramelised shallots, bacon, chestnut mushrooms and Merlot. Details >

Top 10 Bestseller Microwaveable Great Taste Award Winners Dairy Free Meals Other Recipes Under 400 Calories
£4.99 Serves 1 (290g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (580g)
£17.95 Serves 4 (1160g)

Steak, Mushroom & Merlot Pie

Tender top rump beef, with Portobello mushrooms and shallots, cooked slowly with Merlot wine and wrapped in all-butter, shortcrust pastry Details >

£22.50 Serves 6 (1600g)

Beef Wellington

Prime fillet of British Beef with a Porcini mushroom duxelle, wrapped in an all butter puff pastry. Details >

£20.00 Serves 2 (460g)

Slow-Cooked Steak Pie

Slow-cooked top rump beef in a rich, red wine gravy, with sweet onions, carrots and an all-butter, shortcrust pastry lid. Details >

£14.95 Serves 4 (1240g)

Steak and Red Wine Pie

With a 10-day aged, top rump steak braised in wine and topped with a beautiful new golden all-butter pastry. Details >

£4.75 Serves 1 (320g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (640g)

Cottage Pie

Our own minced beef with tender vegetables, sweetened with redcurrant jelly and a dash of port, topped with buttery mash and a mustard seed crumb. Details >

Top 10 Bestseller
£3.75 Serves 1 (420g)
£6.99 Serves 2 (840g)
£13.95 Serves 4 (1680g)

Slow-cooked Rump Beef with Brandy

Prime rump beef cooked slowly with chestnut mushrooms and a rich, brandy sauce. Details >

£4.99 Serves 1 (270g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (540g)
£17.95 Serves 4 (1080g)

Beef Stroganoff

Pieces of silverside beef, in a brandy and paprika sauce with chopped gherkins and roasted mushrooms Details >

£4.99 Serves 1 (280g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (560g)
£17.95 Serves 4 (1120g)

Chilli con Carne

A rich, slow cooked chilli with minced beef, kidney beans and a bit of a kick. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 2 Great Taste Award Winners Other Recipes Under 400 Calories
£3.75 Serves 1 (275g)
£5.99 Serves 2 (550g)

Spaghetti Bolognese

A slow-cooked, flavour-packed Bolognaise sauce with our own minced beef, al dente spaghetti and grated Italian cheese Details >

£3.99 Serves 1 (390g)

Nacho Chilli Bake

Nacho Chilli Bake with a rich beef chilli, a layer of coriander rice and crunchy corn tortilla chips. Details >

Dairy Free Meals
£10.00 (Family) (1400g)

Beef Bolognese Pasta Bake

Beef Bolognese Pasta Bake with a slow-cooked beef ragu, mature Cheddar cheese sauce and crisp, garlic crumb. Details >

£10.00 (Family) (1400g)

Beef Massaman Curry

A mild dish with a sweet nutty flavour, gently braised beef with roasted sweet potato in a rich coconut and cashew curry sauce. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Dairy Free Meals
£4.99 Serves 1 (295g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (590g)

Beef Madras

Tender beef in an intense Madras curry sauce made with garam masala, turmeric and coriander cooked slowly with sliced onions, ginger and ground almonds. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Great Taste Award Winners
£5.00 Serves 1 (300g)
£10.00 Serves 2 (600g)

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