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Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

Meals for 4

Explore the full menu of our easy meals for 4. Getting good people together over good food is what COOK is all about and our chefs use the same ingredients and techniques as you would at home so can take some time off from the kitchen. There are meals for 4 for families – great for adults and kids alike – as well as tasty dinner for 4 options, from home-cooking classics to Great Taste Award-winners.

Chicken Meals

We marinate virtually all our chicken before cooking, to make sure it's tender and flavoursome. It's time-consuming but worth it. (Don't forget, all our meals cook straight from frozen, unless otherwise indicated).

Beef Meals

We can trace the beef we use right back to the farm and field. It all comes from cows grass-fed and reared outside (weather permitting) at small, family-run farms in the UK and Ireland. And the mince we use is all ground in our Kitchen from prime cuts.

Lamb Meals

For our lamb mince we take whole legs of lamb and mince them ourselves in the Mincer Of Truth. This way we know that nothing but top quality meat goes into our lamb mince recipes.

Pork Meals

Rolling meatballs by hand might sound straightforward, but you try doing 4,000 at a time....That's how many meatballs we make in a single batch. It's home cooking on a grand scale - but with the same care and attention to detail you'd put in yourself.

Fish Meals

We've been getting fish from Shane the fishmonger in Rainham, Kent ever since we launched, in 1997. Shane gets embarrassed when he pays for things because he thinks his money smells of fish. It's not all roses being a fishmonger. Nor cod.


For proper comfort food you can’t go wrong with a COOK pie – whether that’s a traditional Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie or a potato-topped variety, like Fish Pie or Cottage Pie- all perfect as easy meals for 4.

If you’re after more healthy options, there’s plenty of meals for four that fit into our Love Eating Well category, meaning they clock in at under a third of an adults daily Reference Intake of calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. They include plenty of COOK customer favourites like Chilli con Carne, Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine.

And, whether you’re veggie or not, don’t miss the award-winning veggie lasagne for 4, as well as our other vegetarian meals for 4.

Most of these meals will need side dishes, so put on some rice or potatoes and steam your favourite veg while they are cooking in the oven. Or, to make it really quick and easy, you’ll find plenty of side dishes our chefs have prepared here.

We also make meals for a family of 4, so If you have young children and one adult portion would be enough for two, you can easily make meals for 3 by getting a 2-portion meal and meal for 1 of the same dish.


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