Dinner Party Desserts

Everyone has room for pudding when it’s a special occasion, so make sure you have some dinner party desserts to impress your guests next time you’re entertaining. Our party desserts are handmade by the chefs at COOK Puddings in Somerset and are super simple to serve, so you can wow your guests without spending the day preparing your own dinner party puds in the kitchen.

Puddings don’t travel as well as some of our other party food and buffet food, but if you’re within striking distance of a COOK shop or delivery hub, you can have some frozen dinner party puddings delivered straight to your door. With dairy free party food and gluten free party food puds available, we can cater to all guests, and any dietary requirements.

Many of our puddings are only available at our COOK shops or for local delivery - please enter your postcode to see if they are available in your delivery area.

Fruit Vacherin image
£20.00 Serves 10-12 (950g)
Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade image
£16.00 (Serves 8-10) (950g)
Chocolate Roulade image
£16.00 Serves 8-10 (750g)
Raspberry Pavlova image
£16.00 Serves 8 to 10 (800g)
Espresso Martini Pavlova image
£16.00 Serves 8-10 (700g)
Lemon Meringue Pavlova  image
£16.00 Serves 8-10 (850g)
Eton Mess Parfait image
£20.00 Serves 10-12 (1000g)
Gin & Tonic Semifreddo  image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (475g)
Lemon Cheesecake image
£18.00 Serves 10-12 (1275g)
Pear & Ginger Tart image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (550g)
Classic Lemon Tart image
£8.95 Serves 6 to 8 (590g)
Blueberry & Lemon Terrine image
£15.00 Serves 8 (610g)
Summer Fruit Tart  image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (530g)
Chocolate & Almond Torte image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (600g)
Apple Strudel image
£8.50 Serves 6-8 (620g)
Winter Pudding image
£8.50 Serves 6 (780g)
Sticky Toffee Pudding image
£4.00 Serves 2 (290g)
£7.95 Serves 6 (870g)
Summer Pudding image
£8.95 Serves 6 (780g)
Hot Chocolate Pudding image
£4.00 Serves 2 (225g)
Chocolate Celebration Cake image
£20.00 Serves 12 (1700g)

Explore our full range of puddings

If you’re hosting a dinner party for quite a large crowd, then you’ll want a dinner party dessert that’s big enough to go around - our large puddings for eight or more is what we’d recommend, since these frozen dinner party puds are both huge and delicious without you having to spend ages making it yourself! Considering having dinner party desserts delivered for a slightly more intimate gathering? Check out our medium puddings, which consist of many easy, light desserts for your dinner party that your guests are bound to love. We also have plenty of heavier, chocolatey options as well as the lighter and fruitier picks so your guests can choose what they prefer after their dinner party mains. Even if everyone wants something different or you’d prefer to avoid the hassle of dishing up the dinner party dessert at the table, we have a range of individual puddings which would be perfect! Whatever works for you, let us take care of your dinner party puddings and save yourself time in the kitchen.

Whilst a few of our frozen dinner party desserts can be served almost straight from the freezer – like the Gin & Tonic Semifreddo – most will need defrosting first. Just make sure to check the details of your chosen dinner party pudding online or on the box to see how it’s prepared. Our top tip is to always let your party food pudding of choice defrost on the dish you’ll be serving it on … as attempting to move it once defrosted can get very messy! Just add some seasonal berries and maybe a dusting of icing sugar, and you’ve got yourself a dinner party dessert to impress all your guests.

And whilst you’re at it, why not check out our ranges of dinner party starters and dinner party mains? It’s important to have an amazing dessert for your dinner party as it’s the last thing people eat, but you’ll also want to precede it with some delectable dinner party food too, whilst saving yourself as much time in the kitchen as possible.

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