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Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

Vegan Meals

Whether you’re permanently plant-based in your diet, or you’re just dipping your toe in the vegan and vegetarian ready meal pool, the COOK chefs have some spectacular vegan ready meals for your freezer. All of our frozen vegan meals delivered to your door anywhere in the UK are prepared by hand from carefully sourced ingredients, just like you would at home. Please note that, despite an explosion of interest in our rapidly expanding vegan ready meal range, we can’t claim official vegan certification for our vegan food delivery as our kitchen doesn’t have a separate area for vegan preparation and cooking.

Wild Mushroom & Aubergine Lasagne image
£4.75 Serves 1 (350g)
£7.95 Serves 2 (700g)
Shepherdless Pie  image
£7.75 Serves 2 (790g)
Mexican Three Bean Chilli image
£4.50 Serves 1 (330g)
£7.75 Serves 2 (660g)
Green Thai Vegetable Curry image
£4.75 Serves 1 (270g)

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Spanish Bean Stew with Peppers & Kale image
£4.50 Serves 1 (405g)
£7.75 Serves 2 (810g)
Spiced Cauliflower & Aubergine Shakshuka image
£4.50 Serves 1 (365g)
£7.75 Serves 2 (730g)
Yellow Vegetable Curry image
£4.75 Serves 1 (270g)
£7.95 Serves 2 (540g)
Sweet Potato Katsu Curry image
£4.50 Serves 1 (370g)
£7.75 Serves 2 (740g)
Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Curry image
£4.75 Serves 1 (330g)
£7.95 Serves 2 (660g)

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Trio of Greens image
£1.50 Serves 1 (85g)
Minted Couscous image
£2.50 Serves 2 (380g)
Onion Bhajis image New
£2.50 Serves 2 (160g)
Bombay Potatoes image
£2.50 Serves 2 (200g)
Garlic & Coriander Naan image New
£1.50 Serves 2 (150g)
Peas Pilau image
£1.50 Serves 1 (160g)
£2.45 Serves 2 (320g)
Tarka Dal image
£2.50 Serves 2 (220g)
Vegetable Spring Rolls image New
£2.95 Serves 2 (200g)
Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice image
£1.50 Serves 1 (160g)
£2.45 Serves 2 (320g)
Plain Basmati Rice image
£1.25 Serves 1 (160g)
£2.00 Serves 2 (320g)
Mojito Ice Lolly image Last Chance
£2.00 Serves 1

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Every good cook knows that you can’t blag making a proper vegan meal. It takes great ingredients, a great recipe and a lot of care and skill to do it right. Our chefs have done the hard work so you can have quick, healthy ready meals brought straight to your door with a COOK delivery if you wish – making these the ultimate in simple lunch and dinner options for those who fancy a plant-based meal. All of the food in our vegan meal delivery boxes straight from frozen, too, so will free you from your kitchen for a few nights a week.

Don’t miss getting some vegan ready meals delivered for curry nights, like our vegan green Thai curry or the vegan chickpea curry. And, if you’re after something comforting for the whole family, the Spanish Bean Stew is a must. Try it on some toasted sourdough, topped with a sprinkling of chopped fresh parsley for the world’s best beans on toast.

Our vegan meals range is growing all the time, so keep checking in to discover new dishes from the COOK Kitchen. We also stock a range of lower calorie frozen vegan meals if you’re on a diet.


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