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Gluten Free Party Food

When hosting a celebration, there’s nothing more disappointing for a guest to realise there’s nothing available for them to eat if they have an intolerance to gluten or they have coeliac disease; that’s where we come in! We have a wide selection of frozen gluten free party food and gluten free buffet food, which you can offer in your regular spread so everyone can enjoy the occasion. Whether you’re after world cuisine classics, some canapés, or just a simple selection of party food or buffet food, we have you covered - so take a break from the kitchen and take a look at our gluten free party food to order!

See our range of Gluten Free meals below or download our list of Gluten Free & Dairy Free meals here.

Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto Stack image Last Chance
£15.00 Serves 6-8 (1140g)
Cottage Pie image
£5.50 Serves 1 (395g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (790g)
£17.90 Serves 4 (1580g)
The Grand Cottage Pie image
£35.00 Serves 8 (3050g)
Beef Bourguignon image
£5.95 Serves 1 (270g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (540g)
£19.90 Serves 4 (1080g)
£38.00 Serves 8 (2160g)
Piri Piri Spatchcock Chicken image Last Chance
£10.00 Serves 4 (1275g)
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine image
£5.95 Serves 1 (290g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (580g)
£19.90 Serves 4 (1160g)
£39.00 Serves 8 (2320g)
Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine image
£5.35 Serves 1 (335g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (670g)
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks image
£15.00 Serves 2 (900g)
Portobello Mushroom Risotto image
£5.50 Serves 1 (340g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (680g)
Smoked Salmon Terrine image
£12.95 Serves 6-8 (350g)
Trio of Parsnip Rosti image
£12.00 Serves 2 (560g)
Mini Thai Salmon Fishcakes image New
£8.50 12 canapes (165g)
Mini Salmon Frittatas image New
£8.50 12 canapes (230g)
Mini Thai Fishcakes image
£7.50 12 Canapés (130g)

Explore our full Gluten Free menu

Chicken Liver Paté image
£6.50 1 Pot (220g)
Roast Salmon Paté image
£6.50 1 Pot (220g)

It’s important to cater for everyone in your get-together, but it can be a headache preparing it all and you end up missing out on all the fun - so why not explore our menu of gluten free buffet food and get the best of both worlds? By ordering a gluten free party food delivery, you’ll be able to offer some of our amazing gluten free ready meals that’s hand-prepared by our chefs, using the same ingredients and techniques as a great home cook.

We’re proud to offer some of the best gluten free party food in the UK, since it’s a great way to include everyone for your celebration. With a combination of frozen gluten free buffet food, vegetarian party food and dairy free party food you can’t go far wrong, and we firmly believe they’re just as good as our other options! Our tip is to label up what’s what, so it’s clear to your guests with dietary restrictions what they can eat from your buffet spread.

For dinner parties don’t miss our great selection of dinner party starters, dinner party mains and dinner party desserts which all feature plenty of gluten free buffet food options for your celebration. Our side dishes also include some great gluten free options like Basmati Rice, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Peas & Leeks, and Creamy Mash.

Another option for an informal, mix-and-match type meal is to choose a selection of curries from our Thai or Indian menu and serve with rice and chutneys. Whatever cuisine is your preference, you can have plenty of gluten free party food delivered straight to your door!

For a genuinely stress-free party, order gluten free party food online or pop into your local COOK shop.

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