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Meals for One

Below you’ll find the full menu of our hand-prepared meals for one. Nothing beats a home cooked meal, but making easy meals for one person at home can either mean lots of leftovers languishing in your fridge or you eating the same thing, night after night. COOK can help. Just order a selection of our ready meals for one for your freezer, perfect for whenever you need a quick lunch or a traditional supper. With COOK, you can have a delicious menu of tasty, easy ready meals for one delivered to your door.

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne image
£5.75 Serves 1 (350g)
Mexican Three Bean Chilli image
£4.40 Save £1.10 Serves 1 (330g)
Parmigiana di Melanzane image
£5.50 Serves 1 (310g)
Shepherdless Pie  image
£5.50 Serves 1 (395g)
Veggie Cottage Pie image
£5.35 Serves 1 (395g)
Veggie Bolognese image
£5.35 Serves 1 (390g)

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Macaroni Cheese image
£4.75 Serves 1 (350g)
Sweet Potato Katsu Curry image
£5.35 Serves 1 (370g)
Chilli con Veggie image
£4.28 Save £1.07 Serves 1 (285g)
Spinach & Feta Pie  image

Spinach & Feta Pie

Pie for One

£4.75 Serves 1 (290g)

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Roasted Veg, Lentils & Kale Pie image
£4.75 Serves 1 (290g)
Sticky Veg Satay image
£4.75 Pot for One (290g)
Vegetable Korma image
£5.50 Serves 1 (295g)
Yellow Vegetable Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (270g)
Green Thai Vegetable Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (270g)

Chicken Meals

We marinate virtually all our chicken before cooking, to make sure it's tender and flavoursome. It's time-consuming but worth it. (Don't forget, all our meals cook straight from frozen, unless otherwise indicated).

Coq au Vin image
£5.50 Serves 1 (340g)
Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie image
£5.50 Serves 1 (300g)
Chicken Alexander image
£5.50 Serves 1 (280g)
Chicken Dijon image
£5.50 Serves 1 (230g)
Basil & Mascarpone Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (225g)
Honey & Ginger Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (280g)

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Tarragon & Lemon Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (250g)
Spring Chicken & Asparagus Pie image
£4.75 Serves 1 (290g)
Chicken & Portobello Mushroom Pie image
£4.75 Serves 1 (290g)
Hearty Chicken Casserole image
£5.50 Serves 1 (380g)
Lime & Coconut Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (280g)
Chicken Satay image
£5.50 Serves 1 (290g)
Chicken Tikka Masala image
£5.50 Serves 1 (310g)
Chicken Korma image
£5.75 Serves 1 (310g)

Explore our full Indian range

Chicken Jalfrezi image
£5.50 Serves 1 (300g)
Garlic Chicken Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (320g)
Butter Chicken Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (310g)
Red Thai Chicken Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (250g)
Chicken Panang Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (250g)
Green Thai Chicken Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (270g)
Keralan Chicken Curry image
£4.75 Pot for One (300g)
Green Thai Chicken Noodles image
£4.75 Pot for One (320g)
Chicken Noodle Laksa image
£4.75 Pot For One (300g)
Chicken Pad Thai image
£4.75 Pot for One (240g)
Teriyaki Chicken Noodles image
£4.75 Pot for One (300g)
Lemon & Herb Chicken image
£4.75 Pot for One (280g)

Beef Meals

We can trace the beef we use right back to the farm and field. It all comes from cows grass-fed and reared outside (weather permitting) at small, family-run farms in the UK and Ireland. And the mince we use is all ground in our Kitchen from prime cuts.

Chilli con Carne image
£4.40 Save £1.10 Serves 1 (275g)
Lasagne Al Forno image
£5.75 Serves 1 (365g)
Beef Bourguignon image
£5.95 Serves 1 (270g)
Cottage Pie image
£5.50 Serves 1 (395g)
Steak & Red Wine Pie image
£5.75 Serves 1 (295g)
Classic Steak & Ale Pie image
£5.00 Serves 1 (290g)
Steak & Stilton Pie image

Steak & Stilton Pie

Pie for One

£4.75 Serves 1 (290g)
Spaghetti Bolognese image
£5.50 Serves 1 (390g)
Beef Stroganoff image
£5.95 Serves 1 (280g)

58 award winning meals

Beef Massaman Curry image
£5.95 Serves 1 (295g)
Beef Madras image
£5.95 Serves 1 (300g)
Sticky Soy & Ginger Beef image
£4.75 Pot for One (265g)

Pork Meals

Rolling meatballs by hand might sound straightforward, but you try doing 4,000 at a time....That's how many meatballs we make in a single batch. It's home cooking on a grand scale - but with the same care and attention to detail you'd put in yourself.

Lamb Meals

For our lamb mince we take whole legs of lamb and mince them ourselves in the Mincer Of Truth. This way we know that nothing but top quality meat goes into our lamb mince recipes.

Fish Meals

All our white fish is from approved fishing grounds, traceable back to its source, and comes from suppliers that support the activities of the Marine Stewardship Council and are committed to sustainable fishing. The vast majority of the salmon in our meals comes from higher-welfare Scottish farms, with the rest from Norway and the Faroe Islands. All the prawns are certified to the highest standard recognised by the Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP).

Classic Fish Pie image
£5.75 Serves 1 (390g)
King Prawn Linguine image
£5.75 Serves 1 (350g)
Crab & Fennel Linguine image
£5.95 Serves 1 (350g)
Thai Steamed Sea Bass image
£6.25 Serves 1 (220g)
Cod Mornay image
£5.95 Serves 1 (320g)
Prawn Karahi image
£5.95 Serves 1 (310g)
Prawns with Chorizo & Lentils image
£4.75 Pot for One (315g)


There’s no shortage of delicious dishes to choose from in our range of meals for one person – and they’re all made like you would at home. If you need a microwave dinner for one or you just have an oven, we have options suitable for both, including plenty of our Great Taste Award winning cheap and easy meals for one. Trying to eat a bit more sensibly, and you’re on the lookout for a healthy meals for one delivery? Check out our lower calorie Pots for One and our healthy meal range. If you fancy a proper curry night, then explore our Indian curry and Thai curry menus, which both offer flavoursome and hearty dinners for one - you can’t go far wrong! And if you need something more substantial or you’ll be having guests round, then make sure to check out our meals for 2, meals for 4 and meals for 8 to see if anything fits the bill there. You can also create your own ‘thali’ by choosing a selection of your favourite meals for 1 and sharing them!

If you have a special diet but still find the idea of a delicious, lazy dinner for one delivery very appealing, we have you covered too! Our chefs have created plenty of vegetarian ready meals and vegan ready meals, as well as dairy free meals and gluten free meal delivery options - our food for one caters to all diets! We even have plenty of quick, healthy meals for one that fall into this category, so there’s really no reason not to have our cheap meals for one delivered straight to your door.

Some of our frozen dinner for one options are complete meals in themselves, like our Pots, but many will need some rice, cous cous, mash or something else to go with them to make them a more complete meal for 1. However, you can either easily knock that up whilst your microwave meal for one is cooking, or we can even help you with our menu of side dishes! Whatever you choose to do, our frozen easy meals for one are a versatile pick and are perfect for catching yourself a break from cooking.


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