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Kids Meals

Our Kids Meals have no nasty additives; no added salt; and at least one portion of veg in every meal. All of our kids meals cook straight from frozen. Every meal you buy from our Kids range, we’ll provide a school meal for a child in one of the world’s poorest countries through our partnership with One Feeds Two. Read more.

Kids Chicken Dinosaur Pie image
£2.95 Serves 1 (210g)
Kids Macaroni Cheese image
£2.95 Serves 1 (200g)
Kids Fish Pie image
£2.95 Serves 1 (220g)
Kids Beef Lasagne image
£2.95 Serves 1 (220g)
Kids Veggie Lasagne image
£2.95 Serves 1 (220g)

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Kids Cottage Pie image
£2.95 Serves 1 (225g)
Kids Chicken Paella image
£2.95 Serves 1 (225g)
Kids Pasta Bolognese image
£2.95 Serves 1 (225g)
Kids Sausage Casserole image
£2.95 Serves 1 (225g)
Kids Chicken Tikka & Rice image
£2.95 Serves 1 (225g)
Kids’ Favourites Meal Box image

Kids’ Favourites Meal Box

Includes: Fish Pie, Meatballs and Spaghetti, Macaroni Cheese, Beef Lasagne and Chicken Tikka & Rice. Full details >

£29.50 10x Kids Meals

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