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Freezer Jenga: How to fit a Christmas Dinner Bundle into a freezer drawer

Posted on 22 September 2023

Check out our tips to help you get your Christmas dinner safely tucked away in a single drawer. Easily done when you know how!

Pre-Order Christmas

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Download COOK Christmas Menu

Posted on 19 September 2023

Here it is! Everything our chefs have been busy COOKing up to make Christmas 2023 the easiest and most delicious one ever. Download, dive in, and start whistling 'Jingle Bells'. It's available to pre-order now.

Download Christmas Menu

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Download COOK Autumn Menu

Posted on 5 September 2023

A new season means a new menu has landed at COOK. If you can't get to your local COOK shop for a physical copy, you can download the whole thing by clicking the button below.

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2023 Great Taste Awards

Posted on 2 September 2023

Sound the trumpets! Unfurl the banners! Pull that fiddly bit of string on the bottom of the party poppers! The judges have picked the winners of this year’s Great Taste Awards. And, once again, we’ve won a hatful.

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Provenance Potatoes

Posted on 15 August 2023

Today was officially a good day. We escaped the office and headed to the Kent countryside to go and meet Provenance Potatoes, a co-op of farmers local to our kitchens, who supply us with about 25 tonnes of potatoes every week. It was a lovely warm day and a lovely warm welcome from Tracy and Graeme who started the company 12 years ago now, with the intention of putting Kentish potatoes back on the map. Pitchforks in hand and wellies donned, we headed for the potato fields.

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Show Me the Honey!

Posted on 6 July 2023

Meet Curtis, a.k.a. The Local Honey Man, who keeps our kitchen stocked with glorious, pure, raw honey. The other week a few COOKies went to visit him and the team at their HQ in North London.

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Better Business Act 101

Posted on 25 April 2023

There is a long, wordy but important legal document called the Companies Act, which sets the rules for all British businesses. Within it, there’s a troublesome section – 172 – that basically requires directors to prioritise profit over everything else, including people and planet. As we see it, this effectively puts future generations at risk. The Better Business Act wants to change this one section so that it’s no longer an option for business to pursue profit at the expense of workers, communities and the environment. In theory it’s quite a small change in company law, but it’s one that could make a big difference in the world.

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The First COOK Menu

Posted on 30 March 2023

Here’s our first ever menu from 1997, which now proudly hangs in the COOK office in Sittingbourne. You’ll see that a few of the dishes have stayed with us since we were called Cakes & Casseroles (not the most imaginative name, in hindsight). Ah, it feels like yesterday…

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Jo Colman, Summerdown: healthy soil, healthy business

Posted on 3 February 2023

Looking out across a field of buckwheat, planted to provide shelter and food for wild birds, Jo Colman sums up his challenge as “having to make decisions for generations to come.” Jo himself is the third generation of his family to farm Summerdown Farm in Hampshire. It’s the UK’s largest peppermint farm and its eponymous brand produces a range of luxury mint products from teas and bath lotions to the mint chocolate crisps you can buy in COOK shops.

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The COOK Guide to Batch Cooking

Posted on 27 January 2023


As the nation’s experts in batch cooking for the freezer, COOK shows you how to save time and money by making healthy, nutritious home-cooked frozen meals.

Download Guide to Batch Cooking

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