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Lovely Little Christmas Pudding BonBons

Posted on 26 December 2013

Tags: Recipe, christmas, puddings

Nigellas puddini bonbons

It's always exciting to pop down into the development kitchen and see what's COOKing; discovering these lovely little puds was a pleasant surprise indeed! This is a fantastic way of making the most of every last morsel; they're made from left over Christmas Pudding and could be made with leftover Christmas Cake too.

Made by Jess, to a Nigella recipe.

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Not quite the Queen's Speech

Posted on 18 December 2013

Tags: Video, founders, Christmas



A festive message from COOK Founders, Edward and Dale

Thank you!

In the next couple of months, some lovely new COOK packaging will be appearing in a freezer near you. On the side of one of the new sleeves it says:

COOK is as much fun today as it was in 1997. Thank you for making it possible.” And the thing is, it’s absolutely true! Building a business is a slow and sometimes painful journey. You need brilliant people working with you and a good slice of luck. But most of all you need. customers who’ll give you a chance. So, whether you’re a recent convert or a long-standing fan, thank you.

Enjoy the festivities.




Edward and Dale (COOK Founders)



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A Little Pizza Research

Posted on 17 December 2013

Tags: Research, pizza, review



Here at the COOK kitchen, we take all your feedback very seriously and continuously develop and redevelop all our recipes. We’ve had lots of invaluable feedback from you all (thank you!) about our new Pizza range and their base.

Part of this recipe redevelopment involves getting out into the field, sussing out the competition, checking out the trends, tasting, tasting, tasting & on this occasion, eating a lot of pizza!



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DIY Canapes

Posted on 5 December 2013

Tags: Video, dinner party, canapes, party food

These DIY canapés perfect for serving whilst your hot canapés are cooking (they take about 20 mins to cook from frozen) you can serve up some of your pre-prepared, cold 'DIY' canapés*. Simply prep before people descend - then glide seamlessly from kitchen to lounge with plate in hand looking like the kitchen deity you know you are. 

*No hammers required. 

Shop for your DIY Canapes

Smoked Mackerel Pâté with Original Crispbread and Wild Plum Chutney 

The strong flavour of the Smoked Mackerel Pâté goes very well with the sweetness and spice of the Wild Plum Chutney. The Original Crispbreads have been used so not to overpower the other strong flavours.

You might like to use a small sprig of dill for decoration. It’s fabulous with fish! 


Smoked mackerel pate  

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Competition: WIn A Hedgerow Cook Book!

Posted on 4 December 2013

Tags: Competition



If you think foraging is only for Ray Mears, think again. Caro and Ginny, who make our amazing Wild At Heart preserves, have written the brilliant and beautiful Hedgerow Cook Book. They've kindly provided us with five, signed copies to give away. 

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Veggie Christmas Recipes

Posted on 4 December 2013

Tags: Video, recipe, christmas



No, we haven't forgotten the vegetarians this Christmas. Our Goat's Cheese & Mushroom Filo Parcels make a sumptuous main course while our new Fig & Stilton en Croutes shown in this little video are "perfect" says Cook Vegetarian magazine. And don't forget our good old Nut Loaf (we've yet to taste a better one)...

Read more to find out how to serve our Goats Cheese & Mushroom Filo Parcels.

Buy yours here


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Spectacular Puddings: How to Serve our French Brioche Pudding

Posted on 4 December 2013

Tags: Video, recipe, pudding

At the COOK Kitchen in Kent, Carol Malby's pastry team have created a sensational French Brioche Pudding that you can turn into a sophisticated dinner party dessert - as Lyndsay shows us in the video above... 

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How to Make our Brussels Sprouts

Posted on 4 December 2013

Tags: Video, recipe, christmas

Some people don't like Brussels Sprouts...but we're pretty confident they'll enjoy them when they try this recipe. Beautiful colours, textures and flavours make for a deliciously comforting side dish, perfect for Christmas lunch...

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Stress-Free Christmas Lunch: Don't board the Stress Express!

Posted on 4 December 2013

Tags: Video, recipe, christmas, christmas lunch

Don't get on board the stress express, let us do the hard work on Christmas Day so you can enjoy it to full.

Our Stress-Free Christmas lunch for 8 is ready in less than three hours and it costs just £100. If you're planning a more intimate Christmas Day our Christmas Lunch for 2 is just £28. Watch Lyndsay serve them both up to see JUST how easy it is...

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Partridges and Pears Video

Posted on 2 December 2013

Tags: Video, recipe, christmas, dinner party


Lyndsay shows us how to serve up our limited edition Partridges and Pears (a clever play on a Partridge in a Pear Tree, if we do say so..) - especially for Christmas.

Buy yours here


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