Lovely Little Christmas Pudding BonBons

Posted on 26 December 2013

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Nigellas puddini bonbons

It's always exciting to pop down into the development kitchen and see what's COOKing; discovering these lovely little puds was a pleasant surprise indeed! They'd been made by Jess, to a Nigella recipe, shown here.

125g best-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped
350g leftover, or freshly cooked and cooled, Christmas pudding
60ml sherry
2 x 15ml tablespoons golden syrup

To Decorate:
100g white chocolate,
finely chopped 6 red glacé cherries & 6 green glacé cherries, or 6 short lengths angelica

To make:
- Line a baking sheet (that will fit in the fridge) with clingfilm, baking parchment or foil, and set to one side while you make the bonbons.
- Melt the dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl suspended above a pan of simmering water, or in the microwave.
- Crumble the cold Christmas pudding into a bowl, add the sherry and golden syrup and stir briskly till all is incorporated.
- Pour in the melted dark chocolate and stir again: this will make the mixture much more cohesive.
- Pinch out small lumps of mixture and roll so you have little rounds about the size of a chocolate truffle. You should get about 30 out of this mixture.
- Cover with clingfilm and slot into the fridge to firm up.
- To decorate, melt the white chocolate either in a heatproof bowl suspended over a pan of simmering water, or in the microwave, then let it cool for about 5 minutes, to make it easier to work with, while you chop the red cherries into small pieces (to evoke berries), and snip the green cherries (or angelica) into miniature lengths, to represent leaves.
- Using a teaspoon, drip a little of the melted but slightly cooled white chocolate on each bonbon, then arrange the infuriatingly sticky pieces of cherry on top.
- Place in boxes to give away; if you use small boxes that will fit 6 bonbons each, you will get 5 adorable presents out of this -- or on a plate to hand round with coffee, instead of dessert, after a post-Christmas dinner.

Makes about 30

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