Meals for 8

Our meals for 8 are the ultimate in entertaining. They all cook from frozen and are recipes based on some of our most popular dishes. Unpretentious, devastatingly delicious and prepared by hand from carefully sourced ingredients, our easy meals for 8 people are just the ticket for serious get-togethers. Turn on the oven, open a bag of salad, steam some greens or put on some rice, open a bottle or two and, voila! Dinner for 8 people without the hassle.

Our Grand Meals for 8 are a quick and easy way to cater for an informal get-together. They cook straight from frozen, so you can have one ready to go if those unplanned dinners.

Everyone loves lasagnes (just ask Garfield), so you can’t go wrong with our al Forno lasagne for 8 or our Roasted Veg version, which is a firm favourite among meat-eaters and veggies alike.

There are also two potato-topped pies: a hearty Cottage Pie and our classic Fish Pie for 8 , both great with some steamed veg and a glass of wine.

If you’re seeking a more healthy option, consider the Beef Bourguignon and Lamb Tagine. They are both in our Love Eating Well category, meaning they clock in at under a third of your daily R.I. for calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Bear in mind both of these will need a carb on the side: we’d suggest mash for the beef dish and cous cous or rice for the tagine.

All these meals for eight will fit with ease in a regular sized freezer drawer. Their dimensions are 31cm length, 25cm width, and 8cm deep.


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