Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

Remarkable Food For Your Freezer, Made Like You Would At Home

We prepare our meals by hand at our kitchen using the same ingredients and techniques as a good cook would at home.

Have You Got A Two Portion Green Thai Chicken Curry?

Batch: 000255 (BB:22/03/20). We have discovered there could be small traces of dairy (milk) in some meals in this single batch. Please do not eat it if you have a milk allergy or intolerance. For more information, click here.

Made like you would at home...

Made like you would at home...

At our Kitchen, we cook using exactly the same ingredients and techniques you would at home. Look for the name on the label of every dish to see which chef prepared your food.

...freshly frozen at our kitchen...

...freshly frozen at our kitchen...

We blast freeze all of our ready meals and puddings at -35°C to lock in the flavour and nutrients (no nasty additives or preservatives required).


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