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Blog Archive - September 2013

The COOK Autumn Menu

Posted on 11 September 2013

Tags: Menu


Message From COOK CO-Founder Edward:


I am a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi and it was with a sense of relief that I discovered the following quote from him:

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”

There has been plenty of “honest disagreement” in our development kitchen as we’ve tried to improve some of our most popular recipes. We have sacrificed certain sacred cows (sorry Mahatma), like the pink sauce in our best-selling fish pie, and changed the recipes for our two, multiple award-winning Moroccan dishes (here and here) to make them more authentic.

Having tasted the results, I’m confident the angst has been worth it. And while our goal is not as grand as liberating India, I hope these improvements will at least provide you with a little liberation from your kitchen.

Have a nice autumn.

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The COOK Dream Academy

Posted on 5 September 2013

Tags: Dream academy, dreams

We've become a bit obsessed by dreams recently. Not the weird sort you might have had last night about your late Uncle Geoff, a llama and a washing machine, but the aspirational, maybe one day... if only... kind of dreams.

The things you always wanted to do but life just gets in the way.

To help us in setting out to achieve more of our dreams at COOK we've made a lovely, little Dream Book to help us along (because it turns out that writing stuff down really helps). 

We can’t take credit for the Dream Academy idea...

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