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Veggie Awards 2013 - "Undoubtedly the best macaroni we've ever tried, including homemade"

Posted on 15 January 2013

We are always happy to receive compliments - who isn’t, if they’re being honest? But we were particularly excited when we found out that our Macaroni Cheese had received one of Cook Vegetarian Magazine’s Veggie Awards 2013. The Veggie Awards celebrate flavour, versatility and innovation in the world of meat-free food. Thanks to the 1, 716 readers who voted in the Veggie Awards, our Macaroni received a ‘Highly Commended’ Accolade in the Best Ready Meal category.

Cook Vegetarian certainly did flatter us, writing that, "This dish is undoubtedly the best macaroni we've ever tried, including homemade, and we like to consider ourselves expert in the field. COOK delivers really high quality ready meals to your door and has a wealth of delicious and inspiring meat-free options."

It’s great to see that there are now so many delicious vegetarian options out there and lots of creative veggie recipes. We like to think that we’ve been doing our bit for 'flavour, versatility and innovation' in vegetarian food too by setting our development chefs to work in the kitchen, cooking up a meat-free storm - and it's always lovely to get a little recognition.

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Our Unsung Great Britons

Posted on 7 January 2013

We’ve enjoyed reading about all of the inspiring heroes hiding away across the country, whether they were friends, family or strangers. Your nominations have continued to remind us of the incredible generosity, compassion and dedication of so many people, as well as being a reminder of why we should be proud to be British.


Things got crazy busy here at COOK in the run up to Christmas (we had to cook a lot of Christmas lunches and some New Year’s Day dinners too). But this doesn’t mean that we forgot about our search for unsung Great Britons in celebration of the launch of our Brit Pots. We’re pleased to announce our winners from October and November, two true Great Britons....


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Going Dairy Free

Posted on 7 January 2013

There are many different reasons for following a dairy free diet; you might need to cut out dairy because of an allergy, an intolerance or because you are changing your diet.

People with a lactose intolerance are unable to digest the lactose sugar found in milk and suffer from stomach problems as a result. A dairy allergy on the other hand, is an immune response to the proteins which are found in milk and the reaction is much more severe. In both cases it’s necessary to go completely dairy free and make changes to your diet (a scary prospect - even for the most talented chefs).

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