Going Dairy Free

Posted on 7 January 2013

There are many different reasons for following a dairy free diet; you might need to cut out dairy because of an allergy, an intolerance or because you are changing your diet.

People with a lactose intolerance are unable to digest the lactose sugar found in milk and suffer from stomach problems as a result. A dairy allergy on the other hand, is an immune response to the proteins which are found in milk and the reaction is much more severe. In both cases it’s necessary to go completely dairy free and make changes to your diet (a scary prospect - even for the most talented chefs).

Finding new favourite dishes, carefully reading food labels, and giving up dairy favourites; cutting anything out of your diet can be a bit of a culinary challenge. At COOK we like to cater all tastes - no matter how tricky or fussy - and we're happy to take on the challenge. 

Whether you're just feeding yourself, the kids, or a whole family on a dairy free diet - we've got tasty dishes and portions to satisfy all apetites. All of our Dairy Free meals are organised on to one page so that it is easy to shop by your dietary requirement with none of the usual fuss. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy products or just making a dietary choice; at COOK there are lots of delicious options, so you won't feel like you're missing out at all.

Download a PDF of our Dairy Free Meals

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