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Buffet Food

There’s nothing better than having a varied, delicious spread of buffet food, but it can be annoying getting it all prepared when you want to be spending time with friends and family - so why not let COOK provide your buffet food this time around? When the occasion calls for an amazing selection of party food, you can call on us for some hand-prepared, easy buffet food delivered to your door or to your local COOK shop. Whether you need some bite sized canapés or dinner party food, we have you covered!

Kiln-Roasted Salmon Frittata image
£21.00 Serves 8 (800g)
Mini Thai Salmon Fishcakes image New
£8.50 12 canapes (165g)
Quiche Lorraine image
£21.00 10-12 buffet portions (1120g)
Roasted Pepper and Goat's Cheese Quiche image
£21.00 10-12 buffet portions (1250g)
Kiln-Roasted Salmon Quiche image Last Chance
£21.00 Serves 10-12 (1000g)
Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto Stack image Last Chance
£15.00 Serves 6-8 (1140g)
Spinach & Feta Filo Tart image Last Chance
£12.00 Serves 4-6 (670g)
Feta,  Tomato & Pesto Lattice image Last Chance
£15.00 Serves 6 (900g)
Coronation Chicken image Last Chance
£7.48 Save £7.48 Serves 6 (750g)
Honey Roast Ham image
£35.00 Serves 15+ (2200g)
Rainbow Salad with a Lemon & Herb Dressing image Last Chance
£4.88 Save £4.88 Serves 6 (600g)
Smoked Salmon Terrine image
£12.95 Serves 6-8 (350g)

Available from 1 Nov

Roast Salmon Paté image
£6.50 1 Pot (220g)
Chicken Liver Paté image
£6.50 1 Pot (220g)
French Onion Tart image
£12.00 Serves 4 (740g)
Sensational Sausage Rolls image New
£6.95 12 Sausage Rolls (320g)
Sensational Veggie Rolls image New
£6.95 12 Veggie Rolls (320g)
Duck & Hoisin Puffs image
£7.50 12 Canapés (160g)
Goat's Cheese & Pesto Whirls image
£7.50 12 Canapés (160g)
Mini Thai Fishcakes image
£7.50 12 Canapés (130g)
Satay Chicken Bites image Last Chance
£7.50 12 Canapés (180g)

We’ve all been there - you’ve planned the party, invited the guests, but you’re struggling to come up with a list of buffet food that everyone will enjoy. Well, we’re to help! We have a huge selection of frozen buffet food to order, which is sure to impress your guests to no end. Our chefs have tirelessly created a menu of amazing posh buffet food that’s been hand-made with fresh ingredients, which is why we’re confident when we say we offer some of the best buffet food in the UK.

We’ve made sure our buffet food can cater for every occasion, so have a look through our award-winning range of frozen buffet food and see what takes your fancy!

Despite what some people may think, hosting a buffet doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon courses - you can kick things off well with a host of dinner party starters for your guests to choose from, followed by some mouthwatering dinner party mains and dinner party desserts to end it off in the best way! There’s plenty on offer for you to pick from, but as a starting point we’d recommend our range of quiches, since they’re so versatile for your buffet food spread (as well as delicious). Our posh buffet food delivery can work for any occasion, be it hosting for a large crowd or you’re simply having a casual get-together, so there’s no reason not to have some of our buffet food to order delivered to your door!

When putting together your easy buffet food delivery from us, it’s also important to consider having plenty of options for guests with dietary restrictions, so everyone’s included in your celebration. Luckily, we have a huge variety of vegetarian party food, dairy free party food and gluten free party food - there’s no excuse not to tantalise everyone’s taste buds with party buffet food at your next gathering, and we think they taste just as good as our other options anyway! We also have healthy buffet food options, should you want to have food on offer that anyone can get stuck into regardless of their preferences.

So, get your buffet food order in now, and with slots available in advance, prepare for your next party with a buffet food delivery today!

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