Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

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Meal Boxes

Give someone you love time out of the kitchen with these COOK Meal Boxes.

Or just stock up your freezer with one click instead of ten (we're all about saving time at COOK - sometimes there are just other things to be doing!) That's why we have put together these combinations of our most popular dishes to make the decision-making process a little bit easier for you. 

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Calorie Conscious Weekly Meal Box A

Lunch and dinner for the week

Our weekly Low Calorie Meals Box for 2 is filled with 14 two portions to see two people safely through a week's worth of calorie-controlled lunches and dinners. Details >

£60.00 Save £2.47 14 one portions
£118.00 Save £2.97 14 two portions

Calorie Conscious Weekly Meal Box B

Our weekly Calorie Conscious Meal Box 'B' is filled with delicous recipes to see you safely through a week's worth of calorie-controlled lunches and dinners. Details >

£58.00 Save £2.72 14 one portions
£120.00 Save £2.94 14 two portions

Vegetarian Meal Box

This vegetarian box includes 10 delicious meals, to provide you with remarkable food for your freezer. Details >

£38.20 10x 1 portion meals
£64.94 10x 2 portion meals

COOK Taster Pack

Give us a try

We've put seven of our favourite meals in this Taster Pack so that you can give us a try Details >

£30.00 7 One Portion Meals
£60.00 7 Two Portion Meals

Special Nights In

(Meals for a week, for 2)

Special nights in aren't just for Valentine's night. Romantic Meals for 2, for a week, for the price of one meal out. Details >

Important Information


Please enter your delivery postcode to check whether you can get the box with puddings (our puddings don't travel everywhere in the UK).

£90.00 Save £3.79 7 meals for two (with puds)
£74.00 Save £3.26 7 meals for 2 (no puds)

Gluten Free Meal Box

Gorgeous grub without the gluten. Perfect for those with coeliac disease or cutting back on gluten. Details >

Gluten Free
£61.98 Save £4.00 15 Meals for One

Low Sugar Meal Box

All of the flavour with less of the sugar. So tasty, your sweet tooth will never notice. Details >

£50.00 Save £10.00 15 Pots for One

Veggie Meal Box Under 400 Calories

If you’re a vegetarian, or just want to cut back on the red stuff in 2017, these meat-free marvels will see you right. Details >

£51.25 Save £8.00 15 Meals for One

Dairy Free Meal Box

A delicious selection of dairy-free dishes. Packed full of flavour and prepared by hand, like you would at home. Details >

£50.98 Save £8.00 15 Meals for One

High Protein Meal box

Looking for meals high in protein? Look no further. Get ready for an energy boost! Details >

£50.00 Save £10.00 15 Pots for One

Pots For One Meal Box

15 individual pots for one

A super-convenient pack of complete meals for one, full of vibrant flavours from around the world and all less than 400 calories and 14g of fat. All cook in minutes in your microwave. Details >

£57.00 Save £3.00 15 Pots

Family Favourites Meal Box

All of our 6 Family Favourites (designed to serve 2 adults and 2 kids) in one box. Perfect recipes for all the family. Details >

£60.00 6 Family Favourites

Small Meal Box for One

13 one portion meals

A selection of our one portion meals - the perfect one-click freezer filler, or equally ideal as a gift to a son or daughter at university or an elderly relative. Details >

£49.00 Save £2.70 13 one portion meals

Small Meal Box for Two

8 two portions

A box full of our very favourite two portion ready meals, all made using the same ingredients and techniques as you would at home. The perfect one-click freezer filler, or a great gift for newly weds, couples with new babies or just for busy mums. Details >

£55.00 Save £4.43 8 two portion meals

Dinner Party Bundle

Includes: Goat's Cheese, Fig & Rosemary Tart, Beef Bourguignon, Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Honeycomb Cheesecake. Details >

£74.90 Serves 8

Buffet for 12

Look no further if you want to lay on a sumptuous spread without needing to spend days in the kitchen. Details >

£91.00 £7.58 per head

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