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Hot Canapés

Perfect to share, our hot canapés that cook from frozen in 25 minutes. The canape calculator: pre-dinner drinks = four per person per hour; drinks only = six per person per hour.

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Mini Thai Fishcakes image

Mini Thai Fishcakes

Sustainable cod with lemongrass, ginger, garlic and chilli in little patties with our handmade Thai sweet chilli sauce. Full details >

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chilli Level 1
£7.50 12 Canapés (130g)
Butternut Squash & Goat's Cheese Cups image

Butternut Squash & Goat's Cheese Cups

Roasted butternut squash with pink onion chutney, rosemary and thyme, topped with crumbled goat’s cheese in a crisp pastry cup. Full details >

£7.50 12 Canapés (170g)
Halloumi & Tapenade Bruschettine image

Halloumi & Tapenade Bruschettine

Italian toasted mini-bruschetta slices topped with our handmade olive, caper and tomato tapenade and cubes of halloumi cheese. Full details >

£7.50 12 Canapés (125g)
Little Salmon Wellingtons image

Little Salmon Wellingtons

Kiln-roasted Scottish salmon with a spinach, dill and horseradish cream wrapped in crisp puff pastry. Full details >

£7.50 12 Canapés (185g)
Mini Mac Cheese Canapés image

Mini Mac Cheese Canapés

A perfect macaroni cheese, in miniature - Italian pasta, vintage Cheddar and chives, topped with smoked Cheddar and crisp breadcrumbs. Full details >

£7.50 12 Canapés (200g)
Duck & Hoisin Puffs image

Duck & Hoisin Puffs

Silver Hill duck, shredded and mixed with hoisin sauce, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry decorated with sesame seeds. Full details >

£7.50 12 canapes (160g)
Goat's Cheese & Pesto Whirls image

Goat's Cheese & Pesto Whirls

Puff pastry rounds filled with goats cheese, green basil pesto and semi-dried cherry tomatoes Full details >

£7.50 12 Canapés (160g)
Sensational Veggie Rolls image

Sensational Veggie Rolls

Feta cheese blended with chickpeas and red pepper, wrapped in buttery puff pastry and sprinkled with a tomato crumb. Full details >

£6.00 12 Veggie Rolls (320g)
Sensational Sausage Rolls image

Sensational Sausage Rolls

Higher-welfare pork sausagemeat, Italian pancetta and a pinch of herbs, wrapped in buttery puff pastry and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Full details >

£6.00 12 Sausage Rolls
Veggie Canapés for 12 image

Veggie Canapés for 12

Includes: Butternut Squash & Goat's Cheese Cups, Halloumi & Tapenade Bruschettine and Goat's Cheese & Pesto Whirls. Full details >

£45.00 Serves 12/£3.75 per head
Canapé Bundle for 25 image

Canapé Bundle for 25

Includes: Mini Thai Fishcakes, Butternut Squash & Goat's Cheese Cups, Goat's Cheese Pesto Whirls, Halloumi & Tapenade Bruschettine, Little Salmon Wellingtons and Duck & Hoisin Puffs. Full details >

£90.00 Serves 25/£3.60 per head
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