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Vegetarian Canapés

Keep the party swinging and give your pre-dinner drinks a lift with the best vegetarian canapés in town! These are the ultimate in easy vegetarian canapés to prepare, too: all of them cook straight from frozen at the same oven temperature in 25 minutes or less, so you won’t be dashing around when you should be mingling with your guests. Below, you’ll also find some delicious veggie sausage rolls, made with chickpeas, feta and red pepper.

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£7.50 12 Canapés (160g)
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£6.50 12 Veggie Rolls (320g)


Prepared by hand, these are an essential part to any great spread, whether you’re looking for purely vegetarian party food or not. Lovely in the festive season as vegetarian Christmas canapés or, in the case of the veggie sausage rolls, as a treat in picnics or pack lunches in the summer.

For pre-dinner drinks, we reckon four canapés per person per hour will see you right; for drinks only, we suggest six per person per hour. They look fantastic served on wooden or slate boards, finished with a sprinkling of fresh herbs. It’s worth using separate boards if you’re serving both meat and veggie options.

For a drinks party, it’s a good idea to serve the canapés in stages, so your guests can enjoy them warm throughout the evening. Because the canapés cook at the same temperature, that’s easily done. You could end the evening with a round of sweet canapés, in the form of our traybakes cut into bite-sized squares. Dust them with icing sugar and add some seasonal berries and they’ll look as irresistible as they taste.


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