Easter Meals

Secure your Easter food delivery slot at COOK and eagerly await your 2023 Easter meals! We’ll happily provide you with a handmade Easter dinner and give you a break from the kitchen, whether you’re after some handmade Easter desserts, Easter meal bundles for all the family, some tasty Easter sides, or even a vegetarian Easter dinner! So take a look at all our Easter food to order below…

Moroccan Lamb Filo Pie  image
£26.00 Serves 6 (1250g)
Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie image
£26.00 Serves 6 (1500g)
Steak, Mushroom & Merlot Pie image
£20.80 Save £5.20 Serves 6 (1600g)
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks image
£15.00 Serves 2 (900g)
Salmon Wellington image
£16.00 Serves 2 (460g)
Beef Wellington image
£25.00 Serves 2 (460g)
Trio of Parsnip Rosti image
£10.00 Serves 2 (560g)
Nut Loaf image
£7.50 Serves 2 (540g)
Piri Piri Spatchcock Chicken image
£10.00 Serves 4 (1275g)

Don't forget the pud!

Slow-Roasted Belly of Pork image
£14.00 Serves 2 (725g)
Soy-Glazed Roast Duck image
£22.00 Serves 4 (750g)
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine image
£5.95 Serves 1 (290g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (580g)
£19.90 Serves 4 (1160g)
£38.00 Serves 8 (2320g)
Beef Bourguignon image
£5.75 Serves 1 (270g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (540g)
£19.90 Serves 4 (1080g)
£38.00 Serves 8 (2160g)
Classic Fish Pie image
£5.75 Serves 1 (390g)
£9.95 Serves 2 (780g)
£19.90 Serves 4 (1560g)
Shepherd's Pie image
£5.50 Serves 1 (390g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (780g)
£17.90 Serves 4 (1560g)
Shepherdless Pie  image
£8.50 Serves 2 (790g)
The Grand Fish Pie image
£38.00 Serves 8 (2800g)
The Grand Lasagne al Forno image
£35.00 Serves 8 (2910g)
The Grand Cottage Pie image
£35.00 Serves 8 (3050g)

Having your Easter Sunday lunch made for you in 2023 is important this year, as it means you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones. The good news is that the COOK chefs have been working hard to make sure you have a memorable and relaxing long weekend with our frozen Easter dinner delivery, hand-making plenty of delicious food for Easter that you won’t want to miss out on!

If you’re looking for inspiration for this year’s Easter lunch, don’t miss our Family Roast Box, with enough West Country lamb, potatoes, veg and gravy for six. For a more intimate Easter dinner that’s just as special, try our Stuffed Chicken Cushion, award-winning Lamb Shanks, or bestselling Portobello Mushroom Wellington. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional Easter dinner or something a bit different, we’re confident that we can provide you with the perfect Easter dinner delivered this year!

There’s more to the long weekend than just Easter Sunday dinner, of course, so be sure to check out our easy family meals for 4 – includes pies, lasagnes, meatballs and other crowd pleasers, ideal for an Easter buffet or family dinner. Our great frozen Easter meals don’t start and end at the main course though - we also have amazing Easter starters and delicious puddings! A good pud is essential for every special occasion - and perfect to round off our delicious Easter dinners. All our handmade desserts come frozen, ready to defrost or cook in the oven ready to round off your Easter meal!

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