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Messing with British Institutions: The Fish and Chip Brit Pot

Posted on 12 September 2012

Messing with a British institution is a dangerous game. Putting Fish & Chips into a microwavable pot is a bit like giving Dame Maggie Smith a Mohican. We went ahead and did it anyway, and we’re pretty proud of the results too.

As Brits, Fish & Chips, occupy a very special place in our hearts. Fish & Chips even managed to slip past McDonald’s Olympic dictatorchip, making its way onto the stadium menu as a classic British dish.  No easy feat, as any Stratford-based chip vendors will contest.

Calling up memories of rainy day trips to the Great British beach with every mouthful, it’s no wonder that people have such a personal interest in defining what exactly goes into making the “perfect” Fish & Chips. Here’s our take on the British classic:

The Fish

Once upon a time it might have been the only way our parents could get us to eat fish, but it has remained our favourite way of guzzling our gill-bearing friends. 

We didn’t want to get too caught up in the cod vs haddock debate, so we went with the majority vote. While haddock is the top choice for the Scots, it’s cod that wins out in England making up 61.5% of our consumption....

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Co-Founder Dale dresses up as Douglas Bader to cook our Steak and Spitfire Ale Pie

Posted on 5 September 2012


My co-founder and very dear friend, Dale, is a man of many talents. In addition to his skills in the kitchen, he is a legendary DJ (the legend reaching as far as his local pub), and as enthusiastic a participant in fancy dress as you’re likely to find. So when we needed someone to don a Second World War pilot’s uniform to promote our epic new Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie, there was only one man to turn to. I think he looks rather dashing in our tribute to Douglas Bader in Reach For The Sky (right) – like a cockney Kenneth More. (Vote on our Facebook page here if you think they were separated at birth!)


(COOK co-founder)  

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