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Blog Archive - October 2012

Spitfire Pie Fame and Kylie

Posted on 19 October 2012

As many men (and a fair few women) will testify, Kylie Minogue's posterior is one of the wonders of the modern world. So to have one of our dishes compared favourably to the diminutive Aussie's behind is an accolade indeed. The dish in question was our limited edition Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie and the review came courtesy of Sergeant Alex Ford for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Blog.

The pie also caught the eye of chef John Torode, who gave it a lovely plug in the Daily Mail - although he failed to mention Kylie's bum.

As the pie is proving so popular, and raising money for the RAF Benevolent Fund, we've decided to make a few extra batches at the Kitchen. Get it while you can...

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Biscuit decorating for National Baking Week

Posted on 18 October 2012

Maybe it's far from coincidence that the culmination of the beloved Great British Bake Off coincided with National Baking Week this year. Either way it provides an excuse to show off what talented bakers we have in our midst at the COOK Kitchen.

Our new graphic designer, Kendall certainly has a talent for making things pretty. This was her first go at piping so we were pretty amazed. She had been advised to tackle it only when armed with an empty squeezy ketchup bottle (a la your local cheap cafe) as apparently this is the best way to get the accuracy needed.

You use a piping bag to create a thin line round the edge of the biscuit and then squeeze the flood icing in the middle with the squeezy bottles.

Beautiful. And as a bonus they were quite delicious. 

If you fancy giving them a try yourself check out The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits that Kendall used (or check out www.biscuiteers.com).

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Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund to benefit from Spitfire Ale Pie!

Posted on 11 October 2012

Not that we've been banging on about it our anything, but we're very proud that the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RAFBF) is set to benefit from sales of our limited edition Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie which was been launched in conjunction with the anniversary of the Battle of Britain this autumn. 

It is very possibly one of the best pies we've ever made, using tender, slow-cooked top rump steak, meaty portobello mushrooms and Spitfire Ale. On top of each pie is a small, Spitfire plane cut from shortcrust pastry.  

Most importantly, from every portion sold, 25 pence will be donated to the RAFBF, which supports serving and former RAF personnel and their families.  The RAFBF spends around £20 million each year helping over 60,000 people.

Photographed in front of a Hercules C130 aircraft at RAF Brize Norton trying a Steak & Spitfire Ale Pie are Flight Lieutenant Ric Campbell (L) and Sergeant Ali Hedworth (R) from 47 Squadron, RAF Brize Norton.

For more information on the RAFBF visit: www.rafbf.org




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Our First Unsung Great Briton

Posted on 5 October 2012


Our search for Unsung Great Britons, to accompany the launch of our new range of Brit Pots, has un-earthed a multitude of heroes. It's made us appreciate that every day, perfectly ordinary Britons are doing extraordinary things for family, friends and complete strangers without seeking any reward or recognition. All a bit humbling. Our first Unsung Great Briton is Samantha Holder Lockheart, nominated by Rachel Thomas for being a superstar friend:

"I have recently been having chemotherapy and feeling pretty exhausted. Over the last six months Samantha has had my children to stay, taken them to summer camps, and to the olympics, she has come to chemotherapy sessions, researched cancer friendly diets, had us for dinner, cooked breakfast for 40 of my friends, sent me cheery postcards, made me laugh, and generally been a superstar. She is certainly a Great Briton, and that is without mentioning all the other fantastic things she does for others."

She will be receiving 

Click here to nominate an Unsung Great Briton

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COOK's Favourite Food Blogs

Posted on 1 October 2012

Unsurprisingly there are a lots of foodies here at COOK and we do enjoy having a read of the many wonderful food blogs floating around the web (or at least some of them - we do also like to have time to cook as well!) Here is our round-up of our fave food blogs:

'The Burger of Shame' from Helen Graves' Food Stories

1.  Food Stories

We like Food Stories, because writer Helen Graves isn’t afraid to mix up a little classy cuisine with the simpler, cheaper, faster things in life.

A recent post about trying to recreate McDonald’s Big Mac ‘special sauce’ began with the confession that: ‘Shame is, genuinely, my favourite ingredient. I am the queen of the guilty pleasure, the mistress of filth, the dominatrix of ‘so wrong it’s right’.’ We have to say that we are also big fans of ‘guilty pleasures’ of the foodie variety. We like the bare-faced honesty of Food Stories, plus it makes us giggle too.



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