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COOK's Favourite Food Blogs

Posted on 1 October 2012

Unsurprisingly there are a lots of foodies here at COOK and we do enjoy having a read of the many wonderful food blogs floating around the web (or at least some of them - we do also like to have time to cook as well!) Here is our round-up of our fave food blogs:

'The Burger of Shame' from Helen Graves' Food Stories

1.  Food Stories

We like Food Stories, because writer Helen Graves isn’t afraid to mix up a little classy cuisine with the simpler, cheaper, faster things in life.

A recent post about trying to recreate McDonald’s Big Mac ‘special sauce’ began with the confession that: ‘Shame is, genuinely, my favourite ingredient. I am the queen of the guilty pleasure, the mistress of filth, the dominatrix of ‘so wrong it’s right’.’ We have to say that we are also big fans of ‘guilty pleasures’ of the foodie variety. We like the bare-faced honesty of Food Stories, plus it makes us giggle too.

2.   Ms Marmite Lover

Now Ms Marmite Lover really can cook like a bit of a magician. And we haven’t even tried her food - we can just tell from all the secret ingredients thrown in to give her recipes a special kick. (Admittedly not so secret when published in the webosphere but it's good to share). She even remains true to her blogging moniker and has her own recipe for marmite.

3.   Cook Sister

Cook Sister's tag line is ‘Life’s delicious - take a big bite’ which just about says it all. With mouth-watering recipes and beautiful food photography to prove it, we’d be happy to take a big bite out of anything this South African foodie cooked up for us. There is a lot of personality in this blog, and the posts always come with personal stories and anecdotes to add to the mix.  

We like this post about Kedgeree as Comfort Food from the archives. We've been particularly enjoying the comfort (if not always the smell) of our new Kedgeree Brit Pot for lunch at the kitchen and it struck a chord

 4.  The London/Eater 

The London/Eater has a website to match the very slick restaurants he gets the pleasure of eating at (not jealous at all over here). Every little detail, including the stunning photography and engaging writing, has been perfected.

Be gone accessible, homely recipes that we could easily replicate in our kitchens at home - this blog lets us indulge in dishes from London’s finest restaurants (albeit vicariously). Tasty stuff.     

5.  Eat Like a Girl  

It’s not 100% clear what Niamh Shields means when she tells us to ‘eat like a girl’, but it sounds to us like an excuse to eat more food and we’re more than happy to oblige.  There are loads of girly treats to be found on the blog, including homemade marshmallows and Turkish delights. She also runs a series of bacon masterclasses (bacon jam, bacon fudge) which sound crazy but have very tasty looking results.

We love this post about the perfect comfort of a roast chicken sandwich, yes this lady really knows how to eat.

Do let us know what you’re favourite food blogs are too! Email us at edwardanddale@cookfood.net.




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