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Meals for One Subscription

"Really pleased with the subscription service. Easy to adjust in between deliveries." Michael - Trustpilot

With a regular delivery of COOK meals, you can have what you want, when you want it, and save time in the shops as well as in the kitchen.

With a COOK Subscription, you’re in charge: remove or add meals to your order whenever you like and cancel anytime.

At the check out: select “Subscription” and choose how often you’d like it delivered – weekly, monthly or whatever frequency you like. (This can be changed at any time from your COOK account).

Meal Box For One image

Meal Box For One

A selection of our one portion meals - the perfect one-click freezer filler, or equally ideal as a gift. Full details >

£76.70 Save 95p 14x Meals for 1
COOK Taster Pack image

COOK Taster Pack

Give us a try! We've put seven of our favourite meals in this Taster Pack so that you can give us a try. Full details >

£38.40 Save 75p 7x Meals for 1
Pots For One Meal Box image

Pots For One Meal Box

15 pots for one, full of vibrant flavours and all less than 400 calories and 14g of fat. All cook in minutes in your microwave. Full details >

£60.00 Save £11.25 15x Pots For 1
Calorie Conscious Meal Box image

Calorie Conscious Meal Box

14 tasty meals that are great if you’re watching the calories. Together they make up the central dishes for the lunches and suppers of our 7-day meal plan. Full details >

£66.75 Save £5.10 14x Meals For 1
Balanced Diet Meal Box image

Balanced Diet Meal Box

A collection of 14 tasty meals that together will make up the lunches and suppers of our 7-day balanced meal plan. Full details >

£71.50 Save 35p 14x Meals For 1
New Mums Survival Box image

New Mums Survival Box

10 one portions for dinner or lunch. You’re going to have your hands full, so let us do some of the cooking. Full details >

£47.80 Save £3.20 10x Meals for 1
Roasted Vegetable Lasagne image
£5.75 Serves 1 (350g)
Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie image
£5.50 Serves 1 (300g)
Classic Fish Pie image
£5.95 Serves 1 (390g)
Basil & Mascarpone Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (225g)
Coq au Vin image
£5.50 Serves 1 (340g)
Chilli con Veggie image
£5.35 Serves 1 (285g)
Macaroni Cheese image
£3.80 Save 95p Serves 1 (350g)
Lasagne Al Forno image
£5.75 Serves 1 (365g)
Steak & Red Wine Pie image
£5.75 Serves 1 (295g)

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