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Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Posted on 25 March 2022

Tags: Recipe

Imogen and John from our team had a hot cross bun off recently, and we’re sharing Imogen’s family recipe for you to try at home. John made a sourdough version from a recipe on the BBC. If you have a sourdough starter at home, you can try it here.

The main takeaway is that they are not for the fainthearted! But baking is good for the soul and the results were delicious, so we think it’s well worth it. If you share a photo of your creations on Facebook or Instagram, please tag us @theCOOKkicthen – we’d love to see. 

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Lentils with Spinach Spiced with Turmeric

Posted on 10 January 2017

Tags: Recipe, Good Food

If you’re detoxing, cutting back or even embracing a completely new way of eating in 2017, you should try this lovely recipe from Tony, the COOK sourcing guru.

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Chocolate & Spiced Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Posted on 17 March 2016

Tags: Recipe, Good Food

The perfect recipe for Easter! 

Chocolate & Spiced Hot Cross Bun (makes 12)

You can keep your chocolate eggs. If you want a really traditional treat this Easter, there’s only one thing for it: Hot Cross Buns. Cheap to make – although not quite one or two-a-penny, despite what the rhyme says – this spicy, chocolatey version is an absolute winner.

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Kale Pesto Recipe

Posted on 15 January 2016

Tags: Recipe, healthy eating

Makes about 10 servings

Our new Kale Pesto Pasta Pot for One has gone down a storm, so we thought we’d share the recipe for the kale pesto with you. It’s a great way to eat this superfood if you struggle with your greens, and just a brilliant use of any leftover kale in your fridge. Try it on roast chicken, tossed through pasta or as a dressing for roasted vegetables and you’ll never look back...

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The only pancake recipe you'll ever need

Posted on 16 February 2015

Tags: Recipe

The lightest, fluffiest, most impressive pancakes we've ever eaten! Development chef Rosie made this glorious pancake stack for us on Friday afteroon, and we're sold. You'll never need another pancake recipe again.

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Diet Tips: Substitute Courgette For Spaghetti

Posted on 24 January 2014

Tags: Recipe, diet tips, vegetarian, video, healthy eating

A penchant for pasta is not ideal whilst watching your waist, but there’s hope - the perfect spaghetti substitute does exist. Step forward the humble courgette. Low in calories, (approximately 15 calories per 100g), rich in vitamin c and potassium, courgettes can be fashioned into pasta-like ribbons –all you need is a peeler. Not only are you skipping spaghetti, you’re also introducing a portion of fresh veg into your diet. Phew.



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Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Posted on 19 January 2014

Tags: Recipe, video, diet tips, vegetarian

Kick start any day with these fantastic scrambled eggs...


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Transform Your Beef Bourguignon

Posted on 17 January 2014

Tags: Recipe, beef, video

Here Lyndsay tells us how to transform our Beef Bourguignon into a delicous one pot low calorie meal with the simple addition of some home made dumplings and kale...scrummy!


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Scandinavian Rye Bread From Our Friend Erika

Posted on 16 January 2014

Tags: Recipe, healthy eating, diet tips, vegetarian

Brighten up your breakfasts with this beautiful rye bread recipe from our super Scandinavian foodie Erika.

Rye bread is lower in gluten than white bread, keeping you fuller for longer...


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