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Healthy Green Juice With Broccoli And Kale

Posted on 1 February 2014

Tags: Healthy Eating, recipe, video, drink

Vibrant green in colour, this juice from Raw Food Detox by Anya Ladra contains more goodness than you can shake a stick at. At first glance the ingredients don’t scream ‘I’m delicious, drink me’ (who wants to drink broccoli of a morning?), however, with the addition of ginger, our January diet guinea pig Hannah can testify that it was in fact pretty scrumptious. 

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Diet Tips: Swap Ice-Cream For Fro-Yo

Posted on 11 January 2014

Tags: Healthy Eating, frozen yogurt, video, diet tips

Swap Ice-Cream for Fro-Yo

Once the sole domain of healthy californians, fro-yo, or frozen yoghurt, is now firmly embedded on these shores as a viable alternative to ice creams and sorbets. Lick were the first to open a frozen yoghurt store in the UK on the sunny shores of Brighton; it really is the best we've tasted.

Completely fat free and only 79 calories per 100ml (compared with 230 calories per 100ml of icecream*), Lick is the only fro-yo to be made with 100% yoghurt. I know, we almost don't believe it either but we've been assured it's absolutely true.

Another perfect way to turn your diet into a treat.

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