Diet Tips: Substitute Courgette For Spaghetti

Posted on 24 January 2014

Tags: Recipe, diet tips, vegetarian, video, healthy eating

A penchant for pasta is not ideal whilst watching your waist, but there’s hope - the perfect spaghetti substitute does exist. Step forward the humble courgette. Low in calories, (approximately 15 calories per 100g), rich in vitamin c and potassium, courgettes can be fashioned into pasta-like ribbons –all you need is a peeler. Not only are you skipping spaghetti, you’re also introducing a portion of fresh veg into your diet. Phew.

Our notes: Lyndsay demonstrates a very simple supper here which is served cold; you could also use these beautiful courgette ribbons in place of spaghetti for any of your favourite dishes. Just sautée the courgettes briefly to soften them slightly, make your pasta sauce as you would normally, and stir gently through the courgette 'pasta.' Serve with parmesan, salt and pepper to taste. If you wanted to add anything to Lyndsay's dish, we recommend adding some crumbled fresh feta cheese and some fresh mint, and even some rocket stirred through at the same time as the chilli flakes.

1 courgette
1 Lemon (for zesting, and juicing)
Glug of good quality olive oil 
Chilli oil (if required)
Grated Parmesan
Diced fresh red chilli or chilli flakes
Salt and pepper to season

How to make:
- Take your courgette and create 'ribbons' using a peeler, stopping when you get to the seeds (discard the core)
- Add the zest of your lemon (as a guide, zest a quarter of your lemon)
- Add your crushed or fresh chilli (and feta / mint if using)
- Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over it all
- Add glug of god quality extra virgin olive oil, and/or your chilli oil
- Finish with as much or as little grated parmesan as required, and season to taste.









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