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A little bit about Hush

Posted on 13 March 2014

Tags: Competition

For those of you that don't know Hush, or are just discovering their inimitable slouchy yet fashionable style, here is a little bit of background, and our top picks of this season. You can win £150 worth of Hush vouchers here, as well as £150 worth of COOK vouchers - just in time for Mother's Day!


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Behind The Scenes at Bore Place

Posted on 8 March 2014

Tags: Behind the scenes, photo shoot

Behind the scenes at bore place - photo shoot

Earlier this week we were at the lovely Bore Place in Edenbridge both for an event between lots of the leaders at COOK as well as a cheeky little photography shoot on the side.


With our lovely photographer Carolyn and various helpers we were snapping lots of our new summer range so we were pretty lucky that the sun was out in all its glory for pretty much the first time this year. 

You'll see the final shots in all their splendour in our summer COOK Book but here are a few little behind the scenes shots that our designer Hannah snapped in between running in and out of the kitchen with trays of food.

All in all - we're feeling pretty summery right now.

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How to Make the Perfect Shortcrust Pastry

Posted on 7 March 2014

Tags: Video, recipe, pies

Often people don't make their own shortcrust pastry because it seems too difficult (or perhaps simply unfamiliar) a task. It's actually very easy - and Lyndsay shows us how in this quick little video. She covers

  • the ideal ratio of flour to butter
  • how to keep your pastry cool
  • how to account for hot hands
  • how to breadcrumb
  • why you need to be careful about the amount of water you add
  • how and why you need to ridge (and what ridging is!)
  • why you shouldn't add too much flour to your worktop before rolling
  • and - lastly - how to roll it out neatly...


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National Pie Week: Chicken Alexander Puff Pastry Pie

Posted on 7 March 2014

Tags: Video, recipe, pies

Make our Classic Chicken Alexander into an awesome pie with a simple puff pastry lid. We're serious converts to this recipe - it transforms a well-loved COOK Classic into something completely different (and still completely delicious). Along with our Beef Bourguignon pies we're pretty set for National Pie Week.

Biggest bonus of all: both pies couldn't look more homemade if you tried.



Lyndsay's Tip: pick a shallow dish so you can stretch the puff pastry across and it won't sink and touch the pie filling.


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National Pie Week: Turn COOK Beef Bourguignon Into Individual Pies

Posted on 7 March 2014

Tags: Video, recipe, pies

With it being National Pie Week we thought it was high time we cracked out a couple of videos e made with development chef Lyndsay in which she turns two COOK classics into delicious pies. The Beef Bourguignon has been given a shortcrust lid and the Chicken Alexander a simple puff pastry lid. We're serious converts to the Alex Pie in particular - it transforms the recipe into something completely different (but still completely delicious).

Biggest bonus of all: both pies couldn't look more homemade if you tried.

Pie Number 1:


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Win £150 worth of Hush vouchers and £150 worth of COOK vouchers

Posted on 6 March 2014

Tags: Competition

With Mother's Day on the horizon (note to self, March 30th), here's a chance to win her something extra special: £150 to spend on exquisite laid-back style from clothes company Hush AND £150 to spend on exquisite laid-back dining from COOK. (And no, we won't force you to give it all to your mum if you win. Just remember: you wouldn't be here without her....)


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