Gluten Free Treats

Posted on 1 December 2012

A gluten free diet is essential for people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, who are intolerant of the gluten found in wheat, rye, barley and, for some people, oats. But this kind of diet is notoriously difficult to shop for and can strike fear in the heart of any foodie. What about bread? And cakes? And biscuits? And other delicious (occasionally sinful) carbs?

At COOK we’ve made it easy to ‘Shop by’ Gluten Free on our website so that all of our delicious Gluten Free recipes are available for home delivery at the click of a button and in one place. Our handy little ‘Gluten Free’ symbol can also help to guide you with your online shopping. 

Many of our curries, in portions of one to four, are gluten free and perfect for tasty treat nights in, dinner parties or quick meals after work. There’s plenty of powerful flavours packed in too, to give these dishes an extra special something. You  can stock up your cupboards with these gluten free ready meals and you won't have to worry about awkward last-minute shopping with home delivery.

There are some obvious options when you are following a specialist diet like Gluten Free (plenty of rice then!). Although puddings are not always on the menu when you are meant to be resisting such delectable gluten treats you probably still can’t help lusting after them.

So along with all the obvious free-from options we even have some delicious gluten free puddings. Our Chocolate Roulades are mouth-wateringly good. Why not try one with an extra sweet and sour touch of raspberry too?  If the Roulades don’t tempt you, there’s always our Eton Mess or some of our luscious pavlovas.

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