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Posted on 24 May 2016

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With takeaways, as with life, it's the little things that really make it. While a COOK Indian takeaway is really all you need for a classic curry night, personalising it is easy: throw some fresh coriander or pomegranate seeds on top or, if you’ve gone for something spicy like the jalfrezi, stir in some fresh yoghurt. Done. But if your ambitions stretch a little further than that, here are some simple (and a few not-so-simple) flourishes that will turn your COOK takeaway into a banquet fit for a Bollywood star.

Mango Lassi recipe - 

If you don’t fancy a cold beer, this is a classic drink for a curry night. At its simplest, it’s just equal parts yoghurt and ripe mango blended together, but we have a few suggestions as to how you create your own signature lassi. (And, come on, who doesn’t want to do that?)

Difficulty rating: easy peasy to so-so.

Mango Lassi recipe

Malai Kulfi recipe -

A traditional kind of Indian ice cream, this is a perfect way to cool down after a spicy feast. You can make it the night before C-Day and keep it in the fridge.

Difficulty rating: so-so.

Malai Kulfi recipe

Shrikhand recipe -

Another cracking Indian pudding and a great way to finish off your curry night.

Difficulty rating: so-so.

Shrikhand recipe.

Raita recipe -

Perfect as a dip for pappadams or on top of your curry of choice, this recipe is about as complicated as gin & tonic; you could knock up this raita before the pinger goes on the microwave.

Difficult rating: easy peasy.

Raita recipe.

Onion Bhaji recipe -

There’s nothing like a hot onion bhaji with a squeeze of fresh lemon. All onions dream of ending up like this.

Difficulty rating: tricksy.

Onion Bhaji recipe.

Bombay Potatoes recipe -

We're duty-bound to point out that we do actually make these and they are a mainstay of the COOK Indian range. But, if you fancy having a go making them yourself, we’re sharing our secret (well, secret-ish) recipe.

Difficulty rating: tricksy.

Bombay Potato recipe.

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