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This Week's Dish of the Dale - Pork Dijon

Posted on 3 October 2016

Tags: Good Food, Good Relationships

Dish of the Dale

Our co-founder’s favourite recipes

Time, once again, to turn the spotlight onto one of Dale’s go-to dinners. As well as being one of our bestsellers, it also happens to be the favourite of our other co-founder, Edward. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the lip-smackingly lovely Pork Dijon.

To make it, our chefs braise strips of top-quality, free-range pork with white wine, sherry and lemon juice. Then, once it’s really tender, in go the mushrooms. That amazing sauce is made from the remaining stock, double cream and three types of mustard: English for a kick; wholegrain for looks and texture; and Dijon for that signature flavour.

To serve at home, both rice and creamy mash are excellent choices. For some greenery on the side, Dale suggests tenderstem broccoli or green beans. You can scatter over some chives as a garnish, if you’re so inclined.

For the next two weeks you can try it for yourself: just pick up a free hot taster at your local COOK shop.

“Fantastic. A real treat” – Liam

“Pork Dijon and Creamy Mash from @theCOOKkitchen.... #perfectmealforone” - Carly

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