This Week’s Dish Of The Dale: Chicken Korma

Posted on 2 June 2017

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“This is a classic, pure and simple. But let’s not beat around the bush: there are chicken kormas and there are chicken kormas. We’ve pulled out all the stops and honed the recipe over the years to ensure this is the very best. Using an intricate blend of spices from our Spice Room with traditional Indian cooking techniques, we create an amazing sauce with almonds, coconut milk, a little cream and natural yoghurt. One mouthful and you’ll see why we go to so much effort.”

You know where you are with curry: serve with rice, pappadums and mango chutney. A more unusual – some would say ‘bonkers’ – addition is a good dollop of the Top Banana Ketchup you’ll find in our shops, also on taster this week. It’s a quirky, fruity and absolutely delicious option.

Or forget the rice and have your korma with naan bread. To spruce up our plain naans, finely slice a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of fresh mint, and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil. Then sprinkle two naans with water (as per the instructions), and put under a hot grill, bottoms up. Turn after 2-3 minutes, spread the mixture on top and grill for another 2-3 minutes. Done! You could also try swapping in some chopped rosemary and a diced, deseeded red chilli instead of the garlic and mint.

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