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This Week's Dish of the Dale - Basil & Mascarpone Chicken

Posted on 20 February 2017

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Dish of the Dale

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On taster at your local COOK shop this week is a brand new dish: Basil & Mascarpone Chicken. Whole chicken breast marinated with lemon and garlic in a basil pesto and mascarpone sauce, with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes. It’s classic COOK: hearty, unpretentious and seriously tasty. It’s got so many fans in our Kitchen, it feels like we’ve been making it forever … and, to be honest, we’re kicking ourselves we haven’t been.

Here are our top three ways of serving so it will see you right for anything from a quick supper for two, to a fancy dinner party.

Mid-week supper

For hassle-free, mid-week supper heaven, just add Creamy Mash and some steamed green veg. Some fresh kale would be a great option – not only is it a superfood and still in season (just!), but it’s also just delicious. 

Go Italian

Remove the chicken and stir the sauce through pasta (try tagliatelle), finishing with fresh torn basil and a squeeze of lemon. Then carve the chicken diagonally – careful, it’ll be hot – and arrange on top.

Dinner Party

Serve with new potatoes roasted with garlic and steamed fresh asparagus and tender-stem broccoli. A fresh, lively Pinot Grigio would be a great choice for wine. And, if you’re after a good match for pudding, you can’t go wrong with some Lemon Cheesecake.

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