Vegetarian Summer Dinners

Does the prospect of spending countless hours in the kitchen this year for your vegetarian summer dinners just not appeal to you? Well never fear - we’ve got a great selection of easy summer dinners for a vegetarian, hand-prepared by our chefs so you can spend more time relaxing in the sun! Plus, all of our vegetarian summer food for 2023 cooks straight from frozen, so with a selection of summer meals in your freezer you can decide what you want for a tasty summer supper when you want it.

You can also check out our full range of vegetarian ready meals to get more ideas for a range of delicious vegetarian summer meals.

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne image
£5.50 Serves 1 (350g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (710g)
£17.90 Serves 4 (1420g)
Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Risotto image
£5.50 Serves 1 (340g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (680g)
Veggie Cottage Pie image
£5.35 Serves 1 (395g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (790g)
Veggie Bolognese image
£5.35 Serves 1 (390g)
Shepherdless Pie  image
£5.35 Serves 1 (395g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (790g)
Wild Mushroom & Aubergine Lasagne image
£5.50 Serves 1 (350g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (700g)
Red Lentil & Aubergine Moussaka image
£5.35 Serves 1 (380g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (760g)
Parmigiana di Melanzane image
£5.50 Serves 1 (310g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (620g)
Chilli con Veggie image
£5.35 Serves 1 (285g)
Sweet Potato Katsu Curry image
£5.35 Serves 1 (370g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (740g)

Explore full veggie range

While all our vegetarian summer lunches delivered are meat-free, they aren’t just summer meals for vegetarians; they’re perfect to be served up to anyone! As we get into warmer weather, the joy of a veggie summer meal can (perhaps surprisingly) be a real treat and easily matches up to the rest of our main meals. Whether you’re a committed vegetarian, flexitarian, or you’re just mixing it up, you’ll find some easy summer dinners for vegetarians that fit the bill on this page. We even have delicious summer vegan meals for something different!

Looking to stock up on vegetarian summer freezer meals for the family? Try our Great Taste Award-winning Roasted Vegetable Lasagne or Chilli con Veggie. Searching for some unique dishes to include in your vegetarian summer dinner delivery? Don’t miss the Parmigiana di Melanzane or Sweet Potato Katsu Curry. Entertaining, or simply want to stock up on some light summer meals for vegetarians? It has to be the Asparagus & Minted Pea Tart or, for a gluten free option, the Frittata. And for a healthy summer meal, look for the little yellow heart, signifying that the meal is part of our Love Eating Well range. Don’t forget your summer starters and summer puddings when you have some of our easy summer meals for vegetarians delivered!

Order online and have your quick summer vegetarian meals delivered to your door, or choose Click & Collect from any COOK shop. You can find your local COOK shop or stockist (which may have a reduced range of vegetarian summer meals) by entering your postcode here.

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