Healthy Meal Boxes

With our healthy meal boxes, you won’t need a PhD in Nutrition to organise your weekly low calorie meal plan. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect healthy food boxes for you - choose from quick and tasty lunches inspired by classics of world cuisine to hearty comforting meals that feel like a real treat. Our full range of meal boxes have something for everyone, so whether you’re specifically counting the calories or trying to eat less meat, don’t miss out and have one of our healthy meal boxes delivered to your door.

Order a healthy food box delivery from COOK and Love Eating Well to take advantage of our delicious healthy ready meals today!

Pots For One Meal Box image

Pots For One Meal Box

15 pots for one, full of vibrant flavours and all less than 400 calories and 14g of fat. All cook in minutes in your microwave. Full details >

£60.00 Save £11.25 15x Pots For One
Calorie Conscious Meal Box image

Calorie Conscious Meal Box

14 tasty meals that are great if you’re watching the calories. Together they make up the central dishes for the lunches and suppers of our 7-day meal plan. Full details >

£71.85 14x Meals For One
Balanced Diet Meal Box image

Balanced Diet Meal Box

A collection of 14 tasty meals that together will make up the lunches and suppers of our 7-day balanced meal plan. Full details >

£71.85 14x Meals For One

NEW! Meal subscription service now available!

Whichever of our healthy meal boxes you choose – whether you decide on meat or vegetarian healthy food boxes – you can enjoy tasty meals from our Love Eating Well range, with plenty of meals under 400 calories and even some meals under 300 calories. You can experience classic dishes in every food box delivery, from dinners like our Chilli con Carne or Vegetable & Chickpea Tagine from the main COOK range, most of which will need something on the side like veggies or rice, or browse our range of side dishes to make it even easier! Choose from our Pots for One menu for a selection of healthy meals-in-one that are a great option for a quick lunch or a light supper - all delicious additions to our healthy food boxes!

Although the healthy meal box you’ll choose isn’t specifically microwave only, you will find that some of the meals here won’t be suitable for cooking in the oven, especially the Pots for One, which all microwave from frozen in minutes. If you need a diet food box that caters to dietary restrictions, we can help; with a wide selection of vegetarian ready meals, vegan ready meals and gluten free ready meals, no-one has to miss out on mealtimes made easy (and tasty).

Like everything at COOK, the dishes in our healthy meal boxes are hand-prepared by our chefs with one thing in mind: taste. We’ll never compromise on that, which is why we taste every batch we make every day to check that our healthy food boxes delivered around the UK are always up to scratch. If you’re looking for a healthy meal box delivery with a difference, you can be sure you always have an easy lunch or dinner sitting in the freezer! So, if you want to sit down to a delicious yet nutritious meal, one of our healthy food delivery boxes could be the perfect choice for a special occasion or emergency midweek meal.

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