Gluten Free Thai Food

Being gluten free shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite Thai meals, which is why we have a delicious range of gluten free Thai food, perfect if you’re looking to enjoy the tastes of a takeaway whilst staying gluten free. Browse our range of options and have some of our frozen gluten free Thai meals delivered straight to your door, ready for the freezer or to put straight into the oven or microwave.

Green Thai Chicken Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (270g)
£8.95 Serves 2 (540g)
£17.90 Serves 4 (1080g)
Chicken Panang Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (250g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (500g)
Red Thai Chicken Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (250g)
Yellow Thai Prawn Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (295g)
Lime & Coconut Chicken image
£5.50 Serves 1 (280g)
Red Thai Duck Curry image
£5.75 Serves 1 (270g)
Green Thai Vegetable Curry image
£5.50 Serves 1 (270g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (540g)
Thai Basil Chicken image
£4.95 Serves 1 (265g)
Thai Steamed Sea Bass image
£5.50 Serves 1 (220g)
Coconut and Lime Leaf Rice image
£1.75 Serves 1 (160g)
£2.80 Serves 2 (320g)

Browse full gluten free menu

Finding delicious gluten free meals can be difficult, but our chefs were up to the challenge of creating a range of authentic gluten free Thai food, perfect for any occasion. We only use the freshest of ingredients in our gluten free Thai meals before freezing to lock in as much flavour as possible, before sending across the country.

If you fancy a tried and tested favourite, you can’t go wrong with our green Thai chicken curry, gluten free to suit any diet. Including more traditional Thai flavours, our lime and coconut chicken is the perfect way to bring some fragranced flavours to the table. Our green thai vegetable curry brings a tasty vegan curry to your night in, a worthy addition to our gluten free Thai meals. Don’t forget some of our plain basmati rice or coconut and lime leaf rice either, the perfect addition to any gluten free Thai meal.

Needing a gluten free alternative shouldn’t stop you from being able to indulge in a delicious Thai curry - we also have vegetarian Thai food which is suitable for any spread of gluten free Thai food.

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