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Don't Go Empty Handed This Christmas

Posted on 1 December 2015


A perfect little canapé shows you care. All of ours are prepared by hand, and cook from frozen in 20 minutes or less. Entertaining really doesn't get easier than this. The canapé calculator: pre-dinner drinks = four per person per hour; drinks only = six per person per hour.


Smoked Salmon

From the Queen’s smokers, Inverawe of Argyll, a whole side of kiln-smoked Scottish salmon that’s already cut into long, easy-to-peel slices (and there will be plenty of leftovers)

Smoked Salmon


A traditional, Wiltshire-cured ham roasted with honey and cloves.


Sausage Rolls

Made with British Freedom Food pork, Italian pancetta and a pinch of herbs, wrapped in buttery puff pastry and sprinkled with poppy seeds

Sausage Rolls

Turkey for 8

Our award-winning English Rose turkeys come from William Grove Smith’s family farm in Essex. He follows a “plough to plate” philosophy, growing all his own wheat and barley to feed the birds, using his farm straw for their daily bedding and recycling their waste as fertilizer for his fields. We use just the crown, folded around our amazing, handmade stuffing of Cumberland sausage meat, apples, chestnuts and cranberries, and wrapped in a lattice of sweet-cured bacon to keep the meat lovely and juicy. At our Kitchen in Kent, the Prep Team prepares each and every one carefully by hand (you’ll find their team signature on the label).

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