Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

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Turn your freezer into the best takeaway in town! With our new range  We’ve picked some Chinese takeaway favourites and prepared each dish by hand at our kitchen in Kent without using any additives or preservatives, a surfeit of grease or the dreaded MSG. Blast freezing locks in the flavour so your meal will taste freshly-made when you cook it at home. Let us know what you think.

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Chinese Mains

We have 6 delicious new Chinese Main courses to choose from : Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Chicken Cashew Satay, Sweet Chilli & Garlic Prawns, Mushrooms in Sweet Soy and Singapore Noodles.

Last Chance

Sweet Chilli & Garlic Prawns

Tiger Prawns in a sweet chilli sauce with pan-fried garlic, sautéed red peppers and mangetout. Full details >

Microwaveable Chilli Level 1 Dairy Free Meals Other Recipes Under 400 Calories
£4.50 Serves 1 (240g)
£8.50 Serves 2 (480g)

Crispy Roast Half Duck

With a rich Hoisin sauce and 10 pancakes. Full details >

Dairy Free Meals
£7.50 Serves 2 (450g)
Last Chance

Satay Vegetables

Roasted red peppers, broccoli and baby sweetcorn in a cashew nut, satay sauce. Full details >

Microwaveable Suitable Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals
£3.99 Serves 1 (290g)

Chinese Sides

Last Chance

Soy Noodles

Noodles dressed in a light soy sauce with crispy onions and sliced spring onions Full details >

MicrowaveableOnly Suitable Dairy Free Meals
£1.50 Serves 1 (165g)
£2.99 Serves 2 (330g)
Last Chance

Egg (not fried) Rice

All the flavour of traditional take away egg-fried rice but far healthier. Full details >

Microwaveable Suitable Dairy Free Meals
£1.50 Serves 1 (200g)
£2.45 Serves 2 (400g)

Plain Basmati Rice

Plain rice is perfect thing to balance the richer curry dishes. Full details >

Microwaveable Suitable Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals
£1.00 Serves 1 (160g)
£2.00 Serves 2 (320g)

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