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NewStuffed Crown of TurkeyDefrost Dates
NewStuffed Crown of TurkeyDefrost Dates

"Christmas dinner was spectacular and an absolute doddle" - Sean

Stuffed Crown of Turkey Gluten FreeDairy Free Meals

A crown from a white turkey, raised in East Anglia, filled with our handmade cranberry, hazelnut and sausagemeat stuffing and wrapped in sweet-cure streaky bacon.

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Don’t delay! We’re down to our last few turkeys – check with your local shop.

*Please note: the turkey needs defrosting before cooking. It takes 48 hours to defrost in the fridge, or defrost for 12hrs at room temperature before cooking.

Upgrade to the Stress-Free Christmas Lunch for 8 and get this turkey plus all the trimmings – from sprouts and roasties to pigs in blankets and gravy – for just £13.88 a head. Our entire Christmas lunch for 8 fits in a single freezer drawer.

  • All our turkey crowns come from a handful of family-owned farms in East Anglia. The birds are fed a natural diet of cereal from a local mill and grow to maturity for the best flavour.
  • We use just the crown, folded around our amazing, handmade stuffing of Cumberland sausage meat, apples, hazelnuts and cranberries, and wrapped in a lattice of sweet-cured bacon to keep the meat lovely and juicy.

Sourcing Our Turkey

  • Animal welfare is central to our sourcing policy at COOK. Our Christmas turkeys are all from a family-run farm in East Anglia – one of the most respected turkey farmers in the country.
  • The birds are reared in open-aired, spacious pole barns with plenty of ventilation and daylight, and a thick bed of straw.
  • The birds are grown to full maturity on a 100% natural diet of cereals and the farm has its own hatchery and humane processing site, which minimises distress and cuts down on food miles.

How Our Turkey Is Made

  • Stuffing: Cumberland sausage meat from Speldhurst butchers; bramley apples; hazelnuts; sage; and dried cranberries for sweetness.
  • Sweet Cure Bacon: covering the crown in bacon ensures that it is really juicy to eat - not like the dry turkey so many families suffer on Christmas day. We use Sweet Cure so that the turkey doesn’t become too salty, and because the sugar in the cure caramelises during cooking to give a lovely golden glow. This year, the bacon is arranged in a lattice pattern for a better visual.
  • Garnish: we’ve garnished with a slice of orange and lemon and a sprig of rosemary rather than bay, as this imparts better flavour during cooking. This emphasizes the fact we prepare the turkey by hand, as well as looking visually striking and flavouring the meat during cooking.
  • Cooking: 170 degrees (fan oven) 1 hour uncovered Cover with foil (just to prevent the bacon colouring too much and to keep moisture in) 1 hour 10 minutes 30 minutes to rest TOTAL: 2hrs 40 minutes (including resting time)

"Christmas dinner was spectacular and an absolute doddle" - Sean

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