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Our favourite dinner party dishes (and if you cook them in one of our ceramic dishes, no one will be the wiser).

Our aim is simple: to decrease your stress levels and increase your enjoyment by giving you time to relax before your guests arrive, then time to enjoy their company. Life's too short not to enjoy entertaining.

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Tender top rump beef, with Portobello mushrooms and shallots, cooked slowly with Merlot wine and wrapped in all-butter, shortcrust pastry Details >

£22.50 serves 6 1600g

Slow-cooked top rump beef in a rich, red wine gravy, with sweet onions, carrots and an all-butter, shortcrust pastry lid. Details >

£14.95 4 portion 1240g

Prime fillet of British Beef with a Porcini mushroom duxelle, wrapped in an all butter puff pastry. Details >

£20.00 Serves 2 460g

Beef Wellington (6)

with Red Wine and Shallot Jus

Prime fillet of British Beef with a duxelle of Porcini and Chestnut Mushrooms, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry. Details >

One Feeds Two Limited Edition
£69.00 Serves 6 1600g

Tender wild venison, shredded duck and wild boar sausage in a rich red wine and juniper sauce, with chestnuts and mushrooms in an open, shortcrust pastry pie. Details >

One Feeds Two Limited Edition
£35.00 Serves 6 1600g

Rich, smoky, boozy beef bourguignon with top rump steak, caramelised shallots, bacon, chestnut mushrooms and (a lot of) French Merlot. A classic dinner party dish that would take hours to prepare at home. Details >

Top 10 Bestseller Microwaveable Award Winners Dairy Free Meals Surprisingly less than 400 calories
£4.99 Serves 1 290g
£8.99 Serves 2 580g
£17.95 Serves 4 1160g

Pieces of silverside beef, in a brandy and paprika sauce with chopped gherkins and roasted mushrooms Details >

£4.99 Serves 1 280g
£8.99 Serves 2 560g
£17.95 Serves 4 1120g

Shredded, Silver Hill duck with a sour-cherry and apple chutney, topped with celeriac mash in a shortcrust pastry case. Served with a Port and orange jus Details >

One Feeds Two Limited Edition
£16.00 Serves 2 660g

Prime rump beef cooked slowly with chestnut mushrooms and a rich, brandy sauce Details >

£4.99 Serves 1 270g
£8.99 Serves 2 540g
£17.95 Serves 4 1080g

A classic game casserole of tender Scottish Venison braised in red wine with juniper berries, shallots, mushrooms and smoked bacon. Details >

Microwaveable One Feeds Two Limited Edition
£6.00 Serves 1 320g
£12.00 Serves 2 640g
£24.00 Serves 4 1280g

Slow-cooked lamb shanks with a red wine and rosemary jus Details >

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals
£12.99 Serves 2 900g

Leg of lamb, slow-cooked to perfection with chickpeas and an authentic blend of Moroccan spices, garnished with almond flakes. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Award Winners Dairy Free Meals Surprisingly less than 400 calories
£4.99 1 portion 290g
£8.99 2 portion 580g
£17.95 4 portion 1160g

A traditional, Wiltshire-cured ham roasted with honey and cloves. Details >

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals
£27.50 2-2.2kg
£30.00 2.2-2.4kg
£32.50 2.4-2.6kg

Strips of pork are pan-fried then braised with white wine and mustard and finished with sliced mushrooms and cream. Details >

£4.25 Serves 1 260g
£7.99 Serves 2 520g
£15.95 Serves 4 1040g

Chicken breast pieces, ham and buttery leeks in a creamy parsley sauce enclosed in all butter shortcrust pastry. Details >

£19.99 Serves 6 1500g

Harissa-marinated chicken breast in a sweetly-spiced sauce with roast aubergines and almonds. Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1
£3.99 Serves 1 295g
£6.99 Serves 2 590g
£13.95 Serves 4 1180g

Chicken breast marinated in harissa and garlic in a light lemon sauce, with green olives and sundried red peppers Details >

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals
£4.25 Serves 1 270g
£7.99 Serves 2 1080g
£15.95 Serves 4 1080g

Chicken breasts wrapped in sweet-cured bacon with a luxurious mushroom and truffle oil risotto. Details >

£8.99 Serves 2 630g
£17.95 Serves 4 1260g

An alternative lasagne, with chicken and mushroom layers and a sauce packed with flavour - sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic - beneath a crisp topping of cheddar cheese and red pesto. Details >

£3.99 Serves 1 400g
£6.99 Serves 2 800g
£13.95 Serves 4 1600g

Succulent leg of chicken cooked slowly in red wine with back bacon and mushrooms. Details >

£4.25 1 portion 350g
£7.99 Serves 2 700g
£15.95 4 portion 1400g

Whole chicken breasts filled with a shallot and mushroom duxelle, wrapped in sweet cured bacon. Served with a red wine and marsala reduction. Details >

Gluten Free
£8.99 2 portion 500g
£17.95 4 portion 1000g

Chicken marinated in thyme, olive oil and wholegrain mustard, in a white wine sauce with caramelised red onions and chives. Details >

£3.99 Serves 1 255g
£6.99 Serves 2 510g
£13.95 Serves 4 1020g

A mild green Thai curry marinated chicken breast pieces and coconut milk Details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Dairy Free Meals
£3.99 Serves 1 270g
£6.99 Serves 2 540g
£13.95 Serves 4 1080g

A generous salmon fillet topped with beetroot duxelle and a dill & horseradish cream, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry. Details >

Award Winners
£13.00 Serves 2 460g

Salmon fillets filled with a rocket, caper, lemon, creme fraiche and dill mix, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry and glazed with dill and juniper. Details >

One Feeds Two Limited Edition
£35.00 Serves 6 1200g

Flakes of kiln-roasted salmon with leeks, chives and baby spinach on a light, smoked salmon mousse wrapped in crisp filo pastry garnished with dill. Details >

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Limited Edition
£20.00 Serves 6 1100g

Kiln roasted salmon with dill in a classic egg quiche garnished with fresh dill Details >

£10.00 Serves 4 470g

Generous fillets of sea bream on a bed of sweet red and yellow tomatoes, roasted red peppers and black olives. Details >

Gluten Free
£19.95 Serves 4 1150g

Goat's cheese with a lightly spiced butternut squash and carrot puree, topped with roasted butternut and spinach in crisp filo pastry. Details >

£7.99 Serves 2 430g

Halloumi cheese marinated in pesto, lemon and mint on a bed of sweet, roasted peppers and red onions. Details >

Suitable Gluten Free
£4.95 Serves 2 320g

Naturally smoked haddock, bacon, broccoli and sweetcorn in a Creole-style white wine sauce with a hint of chilli, topped with sweet potato. Details >

£4.65 1 portion 390g
£8.50 2 portion 780g
£16.99 4 portion 1560g

Cod, smoked haddock and plump tiger prawns in a classic, white roux sauce with lemon, parsley and chives. Topped with buttered, parsley mash Details >

£4.65 Serves 1 390g
£8.50 2 portion 780g
£16.99 4 portion 1560g

Salmon fillet and asparagus in a creamy white wine and herb sauce, topped with buttered, sliced potatoes and a regato cheese crumb topping. Details >

£4.85 1 portion 370g
£9.25 2 portion 740g
£18.50 4 portion 1480g

Layers of roasted peppers, mushrooms, courgettes and spinach between egg pasta with a light, crème fraiche and mascarpone sauce. Details >

£3.99 1 portion 350g
£6.99 Serves 2 710g
£13.95 4 portion 1420g

A blended loaf of toasted nuts, Madeira-soaked apricots, mushrooms and herbs, topped with a red onion marmalade. Details >

Suitable One Feeds Two
£5.00 Serves 3-4 590g

Caramelised onions in short crust pasty, garnished with Gruyere cheese and thyme. A classic, comforting french onion tart that's rich and flavoursome. The onions are cooked for half an hour with butter, salt, sugar and stock so they are soft and sweet Details >

£10.00 Serves 4 740g

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