Stewed Apple Recipe

Posted on 22 October 2020

Harvest has been and (mostly) gone, and we’re in the use-it-or-lose-it stage with all that lovely fruit and veg. If you’ve got a box of apples from a tree in your garden or you’ve picked some up at a local shop, now’s the time to get them ready for the freezer. This recipe from Claire in our team will ensure you’re not short of stewed apple over the winter months…


Bramley apples (a.k.a. cooking apples) are best for stewing. Simply peel them and chop them into chunks. I keep the chunks about 2cm squared so that there’s some nice texture when you're eating them and it’s not too much like baby food. Pop all the apples into a pan with a splash of water and a cinnamon stick. Personally I don’t think you need to add sugar as the cinnamon does the job and then you can add a drizzle of honey when serving which is more delicious. Cook with a lid on, on a low/medium heat for 5 minutes, stir to check how it’s getting on. If you like your stewed apple with more texture like me, then take it off when it’s not too mushy, keep it cooking for another few minutes if you prefer a smoother result.


Once cooled, you can freeze it in Tupperwares and defrost as required. It’s absolutely delicious spooned over natural yogurt, dolloped onto porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. There are loads of more adventurous recipes online but either way, it’s a great way to capture and enjoy seasonal produce out of season.


If using your stewed apple for something savoury, it’s pretty much the same approach as above. Just add a little knob of butter for a silky finish. The tartness of cooking apples goes perfectly with pork. A dollop would also go well with a sausage and mustard casserole. It’s so versatile!


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