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Quick Lunchtime Tacos

Posted on 2 February 2021


Serves 4

These tacos are one of my favourite lunchtime treats. I love them with cod, but they are definitely open to interpretation. Feel free to get creative and work with what you have. I’ve included a few alternatives to the list of ingredients. Enjoy!  Theo, COOK Chef



Pack of small soft-shell corn tortillas (8-10)

250-280g of either boneless cod, jackfruit, sweet potato (cubed), boneless chicken thighs, or rump or flank steak

1 1/2 tbsp cooking oil (rapeseed, olive or vegetable oil all will do)

1/2 tsp smoked paprika (or regular paprika)

1/2 tsp ground cumin

A pinch of chilli powder (or cayenne pepper)

2 limes

150g shredded red cabbage (white cabbage will do)

100g sweetcorn

1/2tbsp honey (or maple syrup)

A bunch (about 30g) of fresh coriander (or flat leaf parsley)

1 small pot of sour cream (about 100ml) (or mayonnaise)

Hot sauce, sliced fresh chillies, fresh tomatoes, or garnishes of your choice





Combine the oil, smoked paprika, cumin and chilli powder and marinate the uncooked fish, sweet potato, or whichever main ingredient you choose. Leave for 15 mins.

While it’s marinating, make the slaw by combining the sour cream (or mayo), honey, most of the coriander, and the juice of half a lime. Add the finely-cut red cabbage and sweetcorn and mix well. Season with a little salt and pepper.

Remove the cod / sweet potato / chicken / whatever from the marinade, season with salt and pepper and either pan fry or – if you’re using sweet potato – roast in the oven.

Warm your little corn tortillas in a dry non-stick pan (or in the microwave), then add your main ingredient, the slaw, and garnish with a little more coriander, a drizzle of hot sauce, some sliced fresh chilli, chopped tomato, avocado slices or whatever you fancy. Then add a squeeze of lime, roll them up and tuck in!

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