A Minute With…

Posted on 21 January 2019

Ovidijus, Safety, Health & Environmental Coordinator, COOK HQ

What’s changed since you started at COOK?

I’ve been here nine years, so a lot – both for me and for the business. Initially, I worked for an agency and started on a temporary basis in the Packing Department. I felt at home straight away and very quickly was offered a full-time job as Packing Assistant.

So how did you end up working in the Technical Team?

After a few years in Packing, I moved to the Labelling Department. Two years later, in 2015, I joined Technical as a Quality Auditor, then became Senior Technical Auditor, and last year I stepped into the Safety, Health & Environmental Coordinator role.



And how’s it going?

Great. I love my team. We have the involved random chats that’s always fun and the best de-stressor ever!

After so long at COOK, can you cook yourself?

I can make a pretty decent Borsch, the classic beetroot soup. My wife loves it … at least, that’s what she says! A favourite supper of ours is the Lamb Casserole from COOK.

Finally, what do you think of the opportunities at COOK?

People with dreams are welcome. I advise a new member of the team to let everyone know what their career goal is, and they’ll be surprised how much of help and support they’ll get!


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