Show Me the Honey!

Posted on 6 July 2023

Meet Curtis, a.k.a. The Local Honey Man, who keeps our kitchen stocked with glorious, pure, raw honey. The other week a few COOKies went to visit him and the team at their HQ in North London.

Curtis’ obsession with bees began at 15 when he went to visit a beehive with his uncle, a master beekeeper who learnt his trade as a boy in Jamaica. Without any protective gear, he showed an apprehensive Curtis how to harvest honey with his bare hands. After a few years in the city, Curtis decided to make his passion his profession, selling honey in old wine bottles at a London market. Fast forward 12 years and today The Local Honey Man sells unprocessed honey to places like Harrods, Waitrose, Leon, and, of course, to COOK. They also sell beekeeping supplies, beeswax candles, and work to inspire the next generation in responsible, sustainable beekeeping. Curtis has even featured in the BBC kids TV series Show Me The Honey.

They have their own colonies of bees in London and Essex, as well as working with beekeepers all the over UK and abroad. You can find out more and get your hands on some honey directly via their website here.

Great meals start with great ingredients, so we’re thrilled to be using Curtis’ honey in the COOK Kitchens. Cheaper blends of honey often contain very little honey at all – being mostly made with sugar syrup in the Far East. Beekeepers are the true guardians of bees and their environment – which, as pollinators, means they’re essential for all life on this planet – so we’re very proud to be COOKing with the real deal.

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