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COOK's Letter to the Earth

Posted on 20 October 2021


Our CEOs Ed and Rosie have joined other business leaders participating in the brilliant Letters to the Earth project. You can read their full letter below and share your own Letter to the Earth here.


Dear Earth,

We’re writing to you in hope. Faced with the monumental mess we’ve made of our relationship with you, the only alternative seems to be despair. We choose to remain hopeful.

We have met, worked with and observed enough good people to feel you should not yet give up on humanity. This is not to deny the gravity of our situation, nor its urgency, nor to duck the blame. We must confront the brutal facts, and now, more than ever, move forward with unwavering faith we will prevail.

We have met and worked with enough good farmers, seeking to regenerate their land, put goodness back into the soil and return wildlife to their hedgerows, to have hope we will create a more sustainable food system.

We have met and worked with enough good cooks, creating tasty, nutritious, and plant-powered meals, to have hope we will shift to a diet that keeps both us and you healthy and more people properly fed.

We have met and worked with enough good business leaders willing to grasp the nettle and turn their companies rapidly towards net zero carbon, to have hope a kinder form of capitalism will triumph.

Good politicians? We must hope there are enough of them gathered in Glasgow next month to take the courageous and decisive action we need to set us on the path to restoring our right relationship with you.

So our hope is not blind. Nor is it idle: we accept our obligation to move COOK towards being a truly regenerative business, operating for the good of both people and planet, regardless of the outcome of COP 26.

Thank you for your patience as we try to forge this better path.

Yours hopefully,

Ed & Rosie



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