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Cheats Guide to Grub in the Garden – COOK style!

Posted on 28 May 2022

The heat is on! Warmer weather is finally upon us, so it’s time to dust off the deckchairs and get into the garden. It can be much easier hosting family and friends al fresco, as a quick sweep / mow and the outdoor space is ready to go! High-effort affairs that keep you away from the fun are not what we’re talking about here – because stress from the host spreads like an unset jelly. The success of hosting is based not so much on the skills of the cook, but how relaxed and happy they are. So, we’ve done a simplified ‘to do’ list for you, to help ease you into your entertaining.

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Jubilee Colour-in Bunting

Posted on 26 May 2022

A party's not a party without bunting, so our design team have created this for you to print out and let the kids colour in.

Download the Colour In Bunting!

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Raw Talent: Why employing the 'unemployable'

Posted on 18 May 2022

“There is gold in everyone,” says John Daynes, a prison leaver who came to work at COOK seven years ago. Through our RAW Talent programme I’ve learned he is right. And the gold we discover in others brings genuine value to COOK both as a business and a community.

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Royal Reward for COOK’S Raw Talents

Posted on 14 May 2022

We can’t quite believe we’re saying this, but here goes: COOK has just been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for promoting opportunity.

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Be More Herbivore

Posted on 13 May 2022

Vegetarians and vegans may no longer be viewed with the sort of suspicion reserved for naturists or members of the Flat Earth Society, and yet we are still largely a nation of carnivores. Meat is at the heart of many great British culinary traditions: the bacon sarnie; the Sunday roast; sausages on the BBQ; lamb at Easter; turkey at Christmas; cold cuts; hot pots; pork pies; Cornish pasties; Scotch eggs…it’s a very, very long list.

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