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Posted on 9 July 2015

Let’s face it, a self-catering holiday is often a contradiction in terms. While mum or dad is self-catering, everyone else is resolutely all-inclusive – expecting food on demand; a well-stocked, 24 hour bar; and a comprehensive entertainment programme.

To give everyone a rest this year, why not take your own COOK?

A cool box with ice packs will keep our meals frozen for the journey, and you won’t have the hassle of having to work out what to eat on your first night.

Alternatively, order a delivery to your holiday home to take care of the catering.


Our favourite holiday home meals:

Years of experience tells us you can’t go wrong with lasagne. Be it Al Forno, Chicken & Mushroom or Roasted Vegetable, with some salad on the side it will keep everyone happy, rain or shine.

A large Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie is a bit special. Golden pastry, sweet leeks, succulent chicken, and hints of saltiness from the ham, all coated in a silky white sauce.

Taking COOK away with you in the UK is simply a no brainer. As one customer recently worked out when holidaying with his wife in Cornwall, he could get a week's worth of COOK suppers for the price of a single meal out. As he put it:

"Seven gourmet meals for the price of one restaurant meal. Beat that for value and luxury!!!!” 


Here are a few more quotes from happy customers:  

''I arranged to have a delivery of your meals to our accommodation for a family holiday last week and wanted to say how great they were. There were 8 adults and 4 children and all the family enjoyed the food and it was lovely to be able to relax and enjoy the break. I would highly recommend your company, both for home use and for holiday catering''

"My husband and I (Canadians) have the good fortune to live in Tuscany part of the time, along with a number of other expats. Neighbours hosted a party last summer. They served your COOK Beef Stroganoff. Dozens of guests couldn't believe they had brought it from London (where they work). Hands down, it's the best I've ever tasted"

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