The COOK Telegraph interview with Scissors-Paper-Stone family double act

Posted on 22 April 2013

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Every week we have a big Monday meeting at the kitchen. Last week the big news was the crowning of Caila Penfold as World Champion Of Scissors-Paper-Stone. After six rounds of combat involving the whole Kitchen and Office teams, Caila defeated her father, co-founder Dale, in a tense best-of-three final. 

At The COOK Telegraph (our weekly newsletter) we caught up with the father-and-daughter team to ask them what made them such a formidable family double act. 

Telegraph: So, Dale, when did you first start training Caila in the ways of the Scissors-Paper- Stone? 

Dale: As soon as she could clench her little fist I was training her in the art of Scissors-Paper- Stone. She took to it like a duck to water and has achieved everything I could have dreamed of . I’m so proud. 

Telegraph: Did it affect her childhood in any way? 

Dale: We tried to give her as normal an upbringing as possible. When you have a gifted child, it’s your responsibility to make the most of their talent but at the same time make sure they don’t suffer because of it. 

Caila: Dad has obviously been my Scissors- Paper-Stone hero from a young age. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. But he always made sure I had time for my friends. 

Telegraph: What next? Will Caila be turning pro? 

Dale: Obviously, we’re going to carefully manage her career - we don’t want to risk burn-out. But the pro circuit is where we’re aiming. 

Caila: I’d love to be in the big leagues, but I’m happy to take it slowly. I know I need to work hard at my technique and take it one game at a time. What with my work at COOK and my lovely baby daughter, I’ve got more than enough to be getting on with. I’m just happy to be able to express my Scissors-Paper-Stone talent.

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