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Community Kitchen - Milestone Passed!

Posted on 26 January 2017


We officially launched the Community Kitchen towards the end of 2015, but really it’s a broad scheme that includes things we’d been doing for some time, like donating leftovers to a nearby drop-in centre for the vulnerable, paid volunteering days for our staff, and responding to those requests that come in every now and then to help out someone in need. The new bit, when we launched, was a discount on our food that we offer for community events. We’re pleased to say it has really taken off and in last December alone we helped cater for 19 different events, feeding 1014 people.

Recently a customer called Hilary used the 30% discount for the first time, picking up some canapés for an event at her home to say thank you to the local community for their support during treatment for cancer. Hilary’s event turned out to be the 200th one supported by the Community Kitchen, a milestone we’re very happy to celebrate.

We’ve helped out a diverse range of events so far, including a bridge club’s Christmas lunch, a school disco, a church-based course for engaged couples, and a regular get-together for recovering addicts. So if you’re thinking of hosting a community event, we might be able to help. Just pop into your local shop to find out more, or have a look here.


Community Kitchen

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