Mark's Big Dream Balls

Posted on 3 December 2015

We got rid of performance bonuses this year because we don’t believe they motivate in the right way. Instead, we pay the Living Wage and give everyone a share of profits. But for our busiest month of cooking (December), we wanted to do something a bit special for our hard-working Kitchen and Logistics teams in Kent. So we came up with Mark’s Big Dream Balls (actually we borrowed the idea from a company called Propellernet in Brighton). Mark is operations director in charge of the Kitchens and this is all about Big Dreams rather than Big Balls (as you can see, the balls are actually quite small). Everyone eligible comes up with a personal dream which £1,000 would enable them to realise; writes it down; and puts it inside a ball. Each week in December – if we hit our targets – a £1 coin goes into the gumball machine and a ball drops out, with a dream inside. The lucky person gets up to £1,000 to make it happen (they must promise to report back).

PS: We don’t just care about big dreams, our Dream Academy helps people work towards their dreams however small or grand.

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